How To Install Magisk On Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro

Read this guide carefully and make the final decision to installing Magisk and rooting your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro.

How to Install Magisk OnTecno S1 Pro  S1E Pro

So you decided to root your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro by using Magisk manager, and this tutorial will help you. We will share the full instructions and installing process of Magisk Manager. Here is everything you need to know.

Read this guide carefully and make the final decision to installing Magisk and rooting your  S1 Pro S1E Pro.

In Tecno S1 Pro  S1E Pro, the root is the process of allowing privileged control to the Android system.

On Android, root can also facilitate complete removal and replacement of the  S1 Pro S1E Pro’s operating system, usually with a newer version of its current operating system. Installing Magisk on  S1 Pro S1E Pro gives access to similar administrative permissions as the operating system. 

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In this article, we tell you how to install Magisk on Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro, what exactly it means, and what steps you need to take to do it.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is a MOD released by topjohnwu in XDA. It mainly provides a common interface to allow developers to easily develop and maintain the functional modules of the Systemless architecture. Among them, the use of SafetyNet API for Android Pay makes it impossible to be rooted. The operating situation on the mobile phone of Pokemon also unexpectedly solved Pokemon GO’s use of SafetyNet API to prevent players from playing Pokémon on rooted mobile phones, which made Magisk a lot of attention.

Magisk Manager – What & Why?

Magisk Manager is an app that can help you manage root status and manage all Magisk modules (module management functions are still under development), just like Xposed modules. 
However, magisk is flashing zip, so you can flash very easily. In magisk manager you can control all of the app rooting permission and installing modules. When your phone doesn’t work TWRP Recovery, then you can use Magisk zip file and magisk manager which provides the root access on your device.
In this Magisk manager app, you can grant or deny other app permissions for accessing root permission on that specific application in your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro.

Benefits of Insalling Magisk On Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro

It is necessary to note that just obtaining the Magisk Root will not instantly resolve all your problems on your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro. Magisk Rooting will only provide you with the capability to do it.

Here are all the clear benefits of using a Magisk rooted Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro:

Systemless Root Permissions: Magisk provides an interface to change the contents of the system or vendor partition without modifying the system files on Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro.

Magic Mount: This feature not only allows users to replace existing files and folders in the system directory but also supports the creation of files and folders that do not exist in the Tecno S1 Pro system. Of course, the original Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro system will not be modified.

Magisk Manager: Magisk Manager app can help you manage root status and all Magisk modules. The developers can beautify the system such as “changing fonts” or modify software functions like “Advertisements” etc. 

Magisk Hide: Magisk can hide the root status of device &  grant or deny other app permissions for access root on your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro. For example, Finacial apps, etc. apps that use SafetyNet API will automatically hide root status. Unfamiliar users do not need to make additional settings.

Magisk modules: You can install modules to your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro by using this feature.

Remove Bloatware: With rooting, you can Remove the Manufactures apps and Bloatware on your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro which are unnecessary . Removing Bloatware helps you to save storage space and also helps to improve device performance.

Additional Applications and Features: You will be able to run applications that are not available in the Play Store. Also, you will be able to modify not only the software but also the hardware (through CPU overclocking and sub-cycling).

Why high-priority For Magisk?

The main reason is magisk can hide the apps from showing as device is rooted. Users may used many tools and methods for root their phones. After the installation google, SafetyNet detected the root status, these sensitive apps stops working. Apps like Google pay, Netflix and Pokemon go are some examples.

Magisk hide root from any apps you selected like pokemon Go, any financial apps.

Risks of Installing Magisk on Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro?

Before installing magisk on Tecno S1 Pro  S1E Pro

If rooting is so beautiful, why doesn’t everyone root their Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro with Magisk? That may be the question you are asking yourself right now.

The reality is that this decision also has its disadvantages and are usually as high as the benefits:

  • It can damage the Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro: that freedom to optimize the performance of the hardware must be used with a conscience since otherwise there is a risk of damaging some vital component for the operation of the smartphone. Once this happened, there is no return behind.
  • Loss warranty: Some manufacturers often withdraw their warranty on rooted mobile phone, so you will be losing the developer’s support, which is a considerable disadvantage.
  • Security vulnerabilities: by having to install apps from unknown sources, you run the risk of some host of viruses that compromise data privacy.

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How to prepare Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro to make a successful Magisk Installation?

The reality is that Magisk installation and rooting our Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro is currently one of the most natural things to do. Installation of magisk is very easy and smoothy. There are two methods for installing magisk on your S1 Pro . 

If you have TWRP Recovery you, can use it and flash the file. Download the latest version of the magisk and enjoy the all features of magisk manager. 

Another way to install magisk is dependent on your S1 Pro . If your S1 Pro is not installed TWRP, you can use the patching the stock boot image method and flash the modified boot on your S1 Pro .

However, there are some pre-processes that we must perform before starting rooting:

  • System backup. The most sensible thing to do before carrying out such a risky process is to make a backup copy of the operating system and all the essential files you have stored on it.
  • Make sure that the battery is 100% charged since a shutdown for lack of it during the process would be fatal.

Steps to Install Magisk using TWRP in Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro

Once you have made all the preparations, it is time to start installing Magisk on your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro easily and quickly.

  1. Download and install TWRP (Team Victory Recovery Project) to restore your Tecno S1 Pro . TWRP is a custom recovery image for your Tecno S1 Pro . It allows users to download third-party firmware and back up the current system. Double-check whether TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) has been installed on your Tecno S1 Pro .
  2. Download the latest Magisk zip and Magisk Manager. Once you downloaded the magisk.apk file, just you need to change the extension to .zip. For example, magisk.apk to 
  3. Install Magisk zip file from Magisk manager app. Download magisk zip using the below download link. Move the zip file to the internal storage. It is important to remember the location of the compressed file. 
  4. Restart the Tecno S1 Pro . And enter to TWRP recovery state.
  5. Click the “Install” button in the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) recovery.
  6. Navigate to on the internal storage and click “Select Storage”. Install the zip file on your device, and then wait for the zip file to be installed on the S1 Pro .

  7. Reboot the system.

Now, has been successfully installed on your S1 Pro . Open Magisk manager and enjoy all the features.

Note: Before performing the following steps, make sure to Make a full backup of your Android device.

Download Required Files Below

Check if Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro is rooted?

Once you have completed all the previous procedures that we have just mentioned, you have to know that you will have the possibility then to check all the details about it, in a fast and straightforward way.

It is Nothing more or less than using an application such as Root Checker, which is specially designed for it and that once you have installed and executed on your android, it will tell you in just a second if it is rooted successfully or not. Nothing more than that.

Uninstall Magisk Manager in your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro 

Here is the most straight way to uninstall Magisk on your Tecno S1 Pro .

  1. Open Magisk Manager on Tecno S1 Pro. In Magisk manager can update modules and uninstall all of modules and Magisk on your Tecno S1 Pro.
  2. Find uninstall Magisk option.
  3. Click Uninstall

The Magisk is uninstalled without any other procedure. The application will automatically download the uninstall the package, uninstall itself, and restart automatically.

If you cannot enter the system, you can manually flash to uninstall the package in TWRP.

Some of the best magisk modules

In the above section, I have mentioned the Magisk modules. Here listing the most popular and useful Magisk Modules.

Dolby Atmos

This module will help you to enable Dolby Atmos sound mod on your Tecno S1 Pro. When you install this mod, the necessary changes will be made to the system files and the Dolby Atmos app will also be installed on your automatically.

Pixel 2 Experience

If you want to get Pixel 2 User Experience on your device, this is the perfect Magisk module for you.

Google Framework

There are many Google apps available on the Play Store like Google Phone app, Google contacts, Google Camera, etc. However, non-Google / non-Pixel devices could not download them directly from Play Store. When you install this Magisk Module, it injects Google Framework on your device and allows you to download Google Apps directly from the google play store.

Know more about Install & uninstall magisk modules and add useful modules lets check it. 

Conclusion of Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro – Magisk Installation Guide

Finally, we have explained how to install Magisk root for your Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro with TWRP and without TWRP. We recommend you try with TWRP as it has a higher success rate. Also, note that we are not responsible for any damage caused during the rooting attempt.

Yet not able to root with Magisk? Root Tecno S1 Pro S1E Pro without PC

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