Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating (And How to Fix It)

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Is your Android phone overheating? Is it happening by itself, or is a specific app causing it? Are you streaming a ton of videos, or is the weather too hot? Let’s see the real reasons and how to fix that out.

Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating (And How to Fix It)

Android phones overheating is your device’s worst enemy. Smartphones usually get hot after prolonged use. You can feel it by touching the screen and back. It needs a good internal temperature when charging or processing powerful tasks. Sometimes, when the mobile device’s normal Temperature is not maintained, this problem causes the mobile device to explode. It’s not just about smartphones. Laptops and computers also heat up over time. Since they are large, the manufacturer provides a fan to cool their processor, which is impossible for mobile phones.

Any electronic device can get hot. Although this is normal, if your Phone is overheating every time, you need to take it very seriously. It will affect the battery life of your Phone and it can explode anytime and cause damage to your body and surroundings. This tutorial will discuss Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating (And How to Fix It). But before that, you should know why my Phone is overheating. 

Why do Android phones get overheated?

Have you noticed when your Phone overheats? Android Phone overheating is the most common problem faced by millions of phone users. In most common cases, it does this when you play games, watch movies, surf the Internet, make calls and charge continuously for long periods. So basically, we can say that it heats up whenever it does some heavy work requiring more energy. You may also find your Phone hot when you place it in a hot environment like under the sun.

Sometimes you may wonder Why is my Phone overheating? It causes significant damage or major problems. There is no specific cause of Android Phone overheating. It could be due to a faulty battery, CPU overheating, or another internal reason. Now let’s recall the current and electricity chapter you learned in your school days. We all know that energy is stored, but some of it is lost to surroundings. When you play games, watch movies and surf the Internet, energy is wasted, and due to this the Phone overheats. 

Overheating Devices can slow down the performance of the Phone. This may cause the Phone to lag. When heating is extreme, the phone devices automatically turn off until the phone temperature cools. So if you are on an important call, important messaging causes problems.

Over time the internal resistance of the phone battery increases (this is normal) and more power is consumed to overcome this resistance. To provide a continuous flow of energy, it speeds up the battery’s discharge and overheats. This also causes short battery life.

Why is my Phone hot and losing Battery?

There are multiple reasons why an Android phone overheats. But before continuing, you must know how to differentiate between hot and cold. Most people think a hot phone means your Phone is overheating. But actually, it is not real. For example, this is normal if you play a full-action full-action HD graphics game for 15 minutes.

What is considered the normal Temperature for smartphones? Temperatures between 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. While charging or running high graphics apps and games, if the system exceeds the upper limit, it is considered Phone overheating. 

When you google to find the cause of Phone overheating, it results in old solutions to reduce Phone overheating like, 

  • You are playing too many games.
  • Your display brightness is too high
  • Your Wi-Fi has been connected for a long time.

But all the above reasons do not work for the latest smartphones in the market today. So if you want to reduce the heat of the smartphone, keep reading.

Buggy Apps

Buggy apps are one of the causes of “Devices overheating” messages and app closing. It means some bugs are present in the app application. So maybe these apps are running in the background and consuming system resources. The buggy app will have some updates. So these apps can be updated regularly. And the newer versions of these apps you use are overheating your Phone. 

This problem could be solved in two ways:

  • Check for updates: Some bugs have been fixed in the new version.
  • Uninstall apps: Remove apps from your Phone that have bugs that regularly run in the background and cause the phone to overheat.

After installing friend apps from your smartphone. Remember to restart your Phone. You should try another method if this does not solve the overheating problem. 

Phone to Overheat While Charging

Another good way to reduce Phone overheating is to consider battery condition and charging cable. If you have an old phone, you should avoid overcharging multiple times. Remember, avoid 100% charging. Charging your Phone regularly can heat the smartphone and slow down the Phone.

You should check the following things that can cause smartphone heating, such as poor quality charging cable, damaged Battery and port problems. 

So you can try the following methods to avoid these problems:

  • Replace the battery
  • Replace the main adapter and associated cable
  • Repair the charging point

Intensive Camera Usage

Smartphones in today’s market are coming with HD video cameras that enable you to record HD videos. So the device’s camera may overheat if it records video for a long time. It doesn’t work for all possible reasons. 

To reduce Phone overheating, you should manage the following things:

  • Selected Resolution: Selects the low resolution in your Phone.
  • Prolonged Camera Usage: Prolonged use of smartphone cameras for recording HD videos and photos should be avoided.
  • Screen Brightness: Reduce the brightness of the Phone’s screen. 

For example: playing HD videos causes the Phone to overheat as it uses more system resources. These are some of the most important reasons for “Why is my phone hot and losing battery”.  

How to stop an Android phone from overheating

Here are some essential tips that can help you cool down your Android phone when it overheats. This is How do I stop my Phone from overheating?

Don’t charge every time

Are you one of those people who always keep their Phone charged? Well, it’s dangerous, especially if you leave it charging overnight. Overcharging is one of the main causes of Phone overheating. You should avoid this mistake. Otherwise, it can damage your Phone’s battery life. Here is How to stop the Phone from overheating while charging?

While charging, the battery absorbs energy. Excess energy will be dissipated from it and it generates heat. Continuous charging can also explore the battery and it can damage your body and anything it comes in contact with. Well, it’s the manufacturer’s fault but a little prevention can save you from such a big tragedy.

Another important thing to remember is, don’t charge your Phone to get 100% battery. Just keep it close to 80% and don’t use your Phone to overheat while charging.

Uninstall unused apps

Apps are another important thing that heats Android phones. The more apps you have, the more heat will be generated. All applications need some free space in RAM to function. If multiple apps run simultaneously, it will increase the stress on the CPU and cause it to heat up. It wouldn’t be a problem if the apps work in a row but actually, they work at the same time and work in the background even when you’re not using your Phone. 

To solve this problem, you can uninstall the apps that are no longer being used. I usually check my Phone to find such useless apps and uninstall them to free up memory space. Facebook, Instagram, Flipkart and other news apps are the main culprits. They eat up unnecessary space. Better to access the website directly from your primary browser instead of using their app. 

You can free up some RAM space by deleting cached data. To do this, go to “Settings > Storage” and then click on the “Cached Data” option after the OK button.

Don’t put your Phone in a hot place

Android phones overheat when exposed directly to external heat. Conduct a simple test. First, place your Phone in sunlight and then feel its temperature. After some time, keep it at normal temperature for the same period and then note the temperature again. The results will speak for themselves. The first will be heated and the second will be normal.

You should avoid placing your Android Phone in hot places where the temperature is high (for example, above 40 degrees). Whenever you find your Phone overheating, put it in a cool place under AC or cooler for a few minutes and it will automatically cool down to normal temperature. Do not refrigerate it otherwise, it may freeze and stop working (lol). 

Go to the service centre

If the problem is serious, you should have your Phone checked at a service centre. They have more advanced tools for testing and can tell you the real cause of the problem, its source and how to get rid of it. Also, test the battery and charger. Sometimes, using local peripherals is the main cause of overheating. For example, if you use a local Chinese charger, it can drain your Phone’s battery life and cause unnecessary heating. You should only use original company products. If your Phone is under warranty, get a new piece if possible.

Power off the Phone

A good solution would be to turn off the Phone for instant heating. The reason is very simple. When the Phone is off, no battery will be used by the screen, apps, internet and other things. This way no heat is lost.

You can turn it off while charging. This will speed up charging and keep your battery healthy, safe and long-lasting. 

Turn off useless things

Experiments and studies have shown that using the internet for long periods will heat your Phone. You should turn off all useless things like not using Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, NFC, Location, Bluetooth and Hotspot. I have seen many people who keep their mobile data on every time.

All these things used to send and receive signals are the battery’s worst enemy. When the signal is low, your Phone will try harder to get good input which will heat up after some time. So it is recommended to keep your Phone in a place where the signal quality is good.

Screen brightness is another important factor that causes heat. Although low brightness is not good for the eyes, keep it at an average level so that it is good for your phone’s health. Do not use a flashlight and camera for a long time.

Stop playing videos & games

Android phones are good at watching HD videos and they can even play high-definition games like NFS, Temple Run, etc. But as mentioned earlier, playing games and watching videos for a long time will heat your Phone. This is because games and videos require high memory space and graphics to run smoothly, increasing the CPU load and consuming more battery life and overheating. 

So you have to stop playing them? Well, this could be the only reason why you buy Android devices and if you don’t run them, they won’t be of any use to you. Try playing lightweight games that are small in size. While running these or performing other similar activities, you should rest your Phone for a few minutes so that it cools itself down. Close it or just lock it and keep it in a cool place.

Get a new battery & charger

Last but not least, try replacing your old Android battery and its charger with a new one but again, make sure to get only original and same company products. In most cases, faulty batteries and chargers are the main cause of How to fix overheating phones. If your battery is thick or swollen from the middle, replace it immediately. If your battery is internal or non-removable, visit a service centre

Few more tips

Here are a few more useful tips you should know: How do I stop my Phone from getting overheated. 

  • Use third-party apps: There are plenty of apps available on the Google Play Store that can kill unnecessary tasks/apps that run in the background and automatically cool down CPU overheating. Such apps also claim to increase charging speed. Good examples are Clean Master and Coolify. 
  • Remove viruses: Viruses usually overheat the CPU because they work in the background and put unnecessary load on the CPU. You should regularly scan your SD card and phone memory to remove malware. Also, don’t install apps from unknown sources.
  • Remove phone cover: Covers can cause your Phone to suffocate. They are usually made of plastic and leather materials which are good insulators and prevent heat from passing through them. It is best to remove them whenever possible.
  • Use Safe Mode: You can reboot your Android Phone in Safe Mode which will disable all third-party apps and widgets.


Overall, here is everything you have to know about Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating (And How to Fix It). By following these simple tips, you can easily avoid your Android device from overheating. Are you suffering from this problem? Here is How to prevent smartphone overheating.

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