How to Download & Install Google Camera [GCam Apk] Port for Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S

Read this guide carefully to download and install Google Camera [Gcam Apk] port for Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .

Download and Install GCam on Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S

Would you like to improve your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S camera performance using an alternative software to the stock camera app pre-installed on your device? The most popular and potentially effective way is to install the GCam for your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S . For those who have not understood it, this is a port of the Google Camera: a camera app present on Google’s Pixel smartphones and renowned for its fantastic performance on these devices.


  • A camera app ported from Google Camera, can enhance the camera performance on Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .
  • Google Camera [Gcam] is known for its impressive performance on Google’s Pixel smartphones.
  • Third-party developers have successfully tweaked the app to work on non-Google devices, including Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .
  • The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Google Camera [Gcam] apk on Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S through an APK.
  • The features of Google Camera on Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S are not explicitly mentioned in the article, but it is noted that the app can significantly enhance the camera performance.

Unfortunately, the Google Camera app is designed to use on Google Pixels devices. But several developers have shown that they can successfully tweak to make it work on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S , and even in this, the results are excellent. 

So let’s find out together everything there is to know about Google Camera and analyze its features and so on, without forgetting to leave you some tips for download and installation.

Thanks to ports made by third-party developers, it is possible to install the famous Google Camera [GCam] by downloading an APK. 

In this guide, we will explain how to install the GCam for your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .

Table of Content:

Features of Google Camera [GCam] port Apk for Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S

Google Camera has Plenty of Features. Some of them are mentioned below.

Focus effect

The Focusing Effect option allows us to take a background shot without our smartphone having more than one camera. However, if your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S provide a secondary camera, this will work more precisely.

Night vision

It’s one of the modes that has gained the most attention since Google launched the first-pixel lineup. This night mode allows us to achieve fantastic results in low ambient light environments on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S . In addition, the operation is entirely automatic. You have to hold the mobile for about a second, making all the captures necessary to create the final image.


The camera option is the same as the stock camera on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S . However, the captures you take depend, to a large extent, on the quality of the lens of Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S.


The camera options are the same as those that we will find in the video function, and with which we can record videos as we do with the camera application of your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .


As its name suggests, this option allows us to take panoramic captures, an ideal function for landscape captures.


This curious option allows us to take circular shots, which give us a curious and striking result.


Recording at more than 60 frames per second allows us to slow down the video to obtain a much higher quality slow-motion mode than slow down the video playback.


It allows us to record a video that Gcam will play at the speed that we have previously set during recording.


Augmented reality is also available on the Google camera, thanks to the Playground function. This option allows us to add text, decorative elements, Marvel characters.


As part of this option, we have at our disposal the various configuration options offered by the camera. For example, we can modify the camera’s resolution, the video resolution, add the date and time to the captures.

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How to install Google Camera Port [Gcam] apk for Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S ?

Installing a Google camera on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S is a straightforward process. But the complicated process is Choosing the correct version for your device.

Method 1

A quick way to find the right Google Camera for your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S is to use the GCamator app. (Link in the download section) The app is made by a third-party developer who takes care of finding the GCam for your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S . Otherwise, you will have to look for the app by yourself, which port is compatible with your device.

If you are unable to find the right version in the GCamator app, try the following method.

Method 2

You can download the GCam from GCAM Hub. You will have to try GCam for your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S manually because there is no mention of the device. You can navigate to the suggested version on the GCam hub. However, choose the correct version for your android.

If there is a version of the GCam for your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S , then install it. If you really can’t find one, you can try the Google Camera for other devices, even from different brands. But it is not sure that you will necessarily find it because there are no compatible Google Camera ports for some smartphones.

Download Required Files Below

Steps To Install [GCam] Google Camera apk on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S

The original Google Camera was created only for google smartphones. The Google Camera [GCam] Apk ports are made by independent developers, who adapt the application to make it compatible with your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S . Here is the Google camera [GCam] installation procedure.

  • Download Google Camera [GCam] Apk Supported version
  • Check, Unknown Sources on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S is enabled
  • Once the download is complete, open the File Manager app
  • Go to the Downloads folder
  • Tap on the file that you just downloaded
  • Tap Install
  • Open the app drawer and tap the GCam icon to open the app

After opening GCam for the first time on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S , it will be possible to start taking pictures. However, users will have the possibility to customize various options and activate unique modes, such as the one related to Astrophotography.

Does it not work? Check the status of the Camera2 API

If you have installed GCam on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S , but it doesn’t work, there are two possible explanations. The first is that the Google Camera is not compatible with your device. The second is that your device may have the Camera2 API disabled, and these are essential to be able to use the GCam ports.

You can check if the Camera2 API is enabled by downloading the Camera2 API Probe app, link in the download section. If under the item “Hardware Level Support Category” there is a check-in correspondence of Full, Limited, or Level_3, the Camera2 API is active. If not, try the version of the GCam considering the android version of your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .

Download Required Files Below


Finally, we have Guided how to install Google Camera on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S . Also, note that we are not responsible for any damage caused during the installation of the Unknown Sources application. I hope you have chosen the right google camera and installed it on your Tecno Pop 4 Lte Bc1S .

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