Windows 11: here is the list of features that are disappearing

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Microsoft announced Windows 11 at June 24 conference. Start menu, interface, wallpapers, Paint 3D, here are all the small features that will change or disappear in the new OS.

Windows 11 officially announced this Thursday, June 24. It will benefit from a brand new interface, a new Microsoft Store, and we already know its release date and price.

Of course, who says a significant update of an OS necessarily says feature deletions. For example, Cortana, the voice assistant – which has never been able to conquer a large number of people – will no longer be part of the initialization of Windows 11 to accompany you during your first steps in the interface.

Another surprise that is not one: Internet Explorer (IE) takes its last breath. It is disabled and replaced by Microsoft Edge, which includes an IE mode which can be helpful, especially in business where some internal tools can still rely on the old browser.

Some features are not completely ruled out,x they will no longer be preinstalled, but we can find them in the new Store. Here is the list:

  • 3D Viewer
  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • Paint 3D
  • Skype


Here is a list of features removed or changed in Windows 11:

  • The taskbar has been completely redesigned. Some systray icons (the icons at the bottom right) will disappear in favour of new features and designs. Let’s have a comforting thought for those users who liked to place their taskbar on top or the sides to wow colleagues in the canteen: the toolbar will no longer be able to take off from the bottom of the screen. Also, customization of the taskbar with certain apps is no longer possible.
  • The start menu changes significantly. Among the notable changes, we can mention the disappearance of app folders and the fact that the layout can no longer change size. Be careful; If you migrate from Windows 10 to Windows 11, your pinned apps won’t stay in their place. Also, the animated tiles disappear in favour of the new system of widgets. The wallpaper cannot be moved to or from the device when signed in with a Microsoft account.
  • Timeline disappears in favour of a functionality quite similar in Edge. Math Input Panel is no longer there. We can still install Math Recognizer, in which we will find Math Input Control.
  • The flow of news and interests is changing. It brings new features and will integrate the new system of taskbar widgets.
  • The app display on the lock screen disappears.
  • Windows S Mode will only be available for Windows 11 Home Edition.The screenshot tool is not going away, but it inherits a new design and new features.
  • The tablet mode disappears since the compatibility with these devices has been completely revised.

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