The most anticipated feature of Google Assistant is real and is already in the application

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Google Assistant will soon have the shortcuts function, which will allow you to create shortcuts for applications with your voice on your phone.

Google Assistant is constantly updated with new features, such as being able to customize notifications , something that we can already do on our phone. We can soon hope that the Android wizard will be updated with a series of new functions, which have already been seen. Among them we find shortcuts.

These shortcuts have been seen in the Google Assistant hidden code in version 11.3. This assumes that it is a real function and that it already exists, but that it will take a while to reach all users with the application on Android. At least we can know a little more about this new feature.

Google Assistant shortcuts

Within the wizard settings we find a new Shortcuts section , where it is mentioned that we will be able to use the wizard to navigate or be able to do certain actions in applications that we have on the phone. It can also be seen that this option will be compatible with applications such as Google and YouTube, which are shown in that section.

Users will have the possibility to create their own shortcuts by voice, with which they can access these applications or be able to perform actions on them. Although there are many aspects of how it works on the air , since it is not known if it will also work with third-party apps, or everything that can be done with these shortcuts in the wizard.

Since it is not completely understood if a shortcut is really needed, because if we want something (such as seeing the time or doing a search, you just have to ask for it, it does not seem necessary to have a shortcut for it). So many question the need for these shortcuts in Google Assistant. Although it could be that it allows to carry out various commands in applications , using a single word, something that would make its use faster and more comfortable for many.

This feature already exists in Google Assistant, although it is not available yet. Everything indicates that it will take a few months to reach all users on Android, so it is possible that at this time we will learn more details about the way it works and its specific use.

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