How to Record Screen on Cobalt T10 3G

If you can’t take video of your Cobalt T10 3G screen? Let’s Check out the guide for the solution.

How to screen record in Cobalt T10 3G

How to Record Screen in Cobalt T10 3G ?

We have covered two methods to record screens on your Cobalt T10 3G . The first one is the help of third-party apps. And the second one for those devices is running on android 10 or higher.

In addition, you can choose which app is better for your screen recording. We have included all main features of these apps in this guide.

Download the apps and enjoy on screen recording.

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Why Screen Recording is important?

Recording the screen on your Cobalt T10 3G is a very simple procedure and equally useful for several purposes. So why is Screen Recording important?

There are many reasons to record Cobalt T10 3G screens. For example for youtubers who want to share their video game performances or to create video tutorials.
Screen recording is helpful for communicating easily with the screen presentation.

Use cases of screen recording on Cobalt T10 3G

There are many reasons why someone would want to record their Android smartphone or tablet screens.

Gameplay Recording

Many of the players are looking to present the gameplay for their friends. So they can record their gameplay highlights for youtube and also stream their gameplays on youtube, facebook etc..

Tutorial Recording

Recording screen on your Cobalt T10 3G helps to teach how to use apps or something else. Screen recording helps with this kind of thing.

Methods of screen record in Cobalt T10 3G

Methods of Screen recording on your Cobalt T10 3G

We have divided the screen recording methods into two. So let’s start with third party apps and then continue with Inbuilt screen recording.

  • Using third-party apps
  • Inbuild screen recording for android 10 or higher

Screen recording with third-party apps

There are plenty of apps for recording screen on your Cobalt T10 3G . Let’s check out some of this.

AZ Screen Recorder

Az Screen Recorder is most used and it is not difficult to understand. This app provides unlimited screen recording features with free audio on your Cobalt T10 3G .

However, if you want cool new features like a magic button that will remain invisible while you are recording, you can create a gif, draw on the screen while recording.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder

  • High-quality video
  • Unlimited time for recording on your Cobalt T10 3G
  • Enable front camera while recording screen
  • Draw on the Screen
  • GIF maker
  • Shake your [Company] device to stop recording
  • Video editor
  • Livestream support
  • Screenshot

Steps to recording screen on your Cobalt T10 3G using AZ Screen Recorder

The steps to record screen on Cobalt T10 3G using AZ Screen recorder app is very simple. Just follow the steps below.
  • Download and Install AZ Screen Recorder.
  • Allow the Draw over other app option
  • On your screen have the icon of AZ screen recorder
  • Tap on it, and select screen recording. You can also change the quality of the screen recording on AZ screen recorder settings.
  • You can also control the quick navigation bar.

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Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder

The next screen recording app is XRecorder. it’s actually by the same company that makes InShot.

Features of XRecorder

  • Video editor. You can trim and speed up the videos
  • Take cool screenshots
  • Export as full HD. Customize the quality settings
  • Record screen with your face
  • Countdown timer
  • Floating window supported
  • Easy to pause or stop
  • No watermark on your recorded video
  • You can change the Storage
  • Record screen with audio

Steps to record screen on XRecorder

  • Download and install the XRecorder app on your Cobalt T10 3G . Check out the download link below.
  • Allow the permissions
  • Start recording using the navigation bar or screen popup icon on your Cobalt T10 3G .
  • You can also stop using navigation or apps.
  • The video will be saved to the internal storage of your Cobalt T10 3G . You can change it on the XRecorder apps setting.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Yet another app that puts on the plate everything you need for video screen recording. However, it has the most linear and well-structured interface.

Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder

  • Screen recording and capturing
  • No watermark on recorded video on your Cobalt T10 3G
  • Create your own watermark
  • Use it without root
  • Create GIF images
  • Drawing function for highlight importance
  • Facecam Function

Steps to Screen recording On Mobizen

  • Download and install the Mobizen app on your Cobalt T10 3G . Link in the below section
  • You’ll probably see a tiny floating orange widget on your Cobalt T10 3G screen. You can pick up and move around. This is kind of your quick access to all the control and the functionality inside of XRecorder.
  • Just follow the app instructions.
  • Start recording the screen.
  • Stop screen recording on your Cobalt T10 3G on the navigation bar.

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Inbuilt screen recording

Screen recorder In-build function only for android 10 and higher devices. It’s pretty good. So that’s a straightforward way that you can record your Android device screen.

If you don’t have access to a built-in screen recorder on your Android device already, then you need to download and install apps for it.

Android 10 Screen Recording

Video recording of a screen is a native feature on Android. So record the screen in video format without using an external source application.
Steps to Screen recording on Android 10

It is possible to take advantage of the integrated function to record the Android screen without an app.

  • Access Quick Settings by swiping down (swipe the screen from top to bottom) on the main screen of your Cobalt T10 3G .
  • Click on Screen recorder.
  • To record the Android screen with audio, select Multimedia sounds and microphone and press Start recording.
  • Once the screen recording is complete, press the Stop button.
  • The recorded video will automatically save in your phone’s Gallery app. So you can share it how and when you want.

Note: This feature does not allow you to record protected content, such as SkyGo or Netflix. If you try to start recording on these services, the screen will be black.

Android 11 Screen Recording

Everything does on the phone, making it a great way to record videos for technical advice, troubleshooting, etc.

Steps to Screen recording on Android 11

If Android 11 is installed on your Cobalt T10 3G but you don’t know how to use the Screen Recorder feature. Here is a step by step guide for the same.

  • Swipe down on the notification panel and tap on the Screen recorder icon in the Quick settings section.
  • Turn on the options if you want to enable audio recording and show your keys on the screen.
  • Once done setting your preferences, hit the Start button. Screen recording will now begin
  • If you want to stop recording, swipe down the notification panel again and tap on stop recording.

That’s all. You can start screen recording on your Android 11 smartphone. When recording is in progress, you will see a small red icon in the upper right corner of your smartphone screen indicating that the recording is live.


For multiple purposes, screen Recording is one of the most useful features on your Cobalt T10 3G . We have pointed two methods for screen record in Cobalt T10 3G .

Let us know if you have any doubts, suggestions, or corrections regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email.

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