Install Pixel Experience On Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael

Read this guide carefully and make the final decision to installing Pixel Experience on your Redmi K20 Pro raphael .

How to Install Pixel Experience OnRedmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael

Would you like to have a user experience that Google Pixel has? You can install one of the latest and powerful custom roms, the pixel experience on your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael. In this article we will guide you with the step by step process to install Pixel Experience on your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael .

Pixel Experience is a custom ROM for Android smartphones designed to make the user experience of Google Pixel devices within everyone’s reach. We are talking about one of the most effective tools to transform Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael into a Google Pixel with the help of tweaking.

In this article, we will discuss what is pixel experience, pros & cons of installing pixel experience on Redmi Redmi K20 Pro , check availability of the pixel experience on Redmi K20 Pro raphael and installation guide.

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What is Pixel Experience?

Pixel Experience is a custom ROM based on AOSP which was found in 2018. By a support team that over time has managed to make it famous for its richness, functionality and support.

Pixel experience ROM provides the same experience as the normal ROM on Google Pixel devices. You can indeed get all these cool features from Pixel devices, as well as an excellent UI experience.

In addition, it also comes with other options to adjust and customize the appearance of your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro . Well, Pixel Experience may be one of the most popular ROM. It has been around for a long time.

Pixel Experience recently introduced a version based on Android 10 for Redmi Redmi K20 Pro .  Well, now we still have this amazing Plus version of Pixel Experience ROM. It performs stronger functions than the normal version. It has enhanced functions and optimizations.

Pixel Experience is a combination of things that include the original wallpapers, the launcher, the icons, the animations and the fonts of the Big G smartphones.

Features of pixel experience on Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael

With Pixel Experience custom rom on your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro , you will have a full fledged google pixel-like experience. Here are some features you will have.

  • Pixel initial configuration procedure
  • Stock Android user interface
  • Availability of all Google Apps
  • Google camera
  • Round icon Pixel Launcher
  • Root access
  • Pixel Boot animation

However, among the functions of the Pixel Experience, there are the classic gestures for navigation, the gestures to call into question Google Assistant and Google Discovery. Possibility of setting the Always On Display, awakening it by passing a hand near the proximity sensor.

  • Buttons: Inversion of the navigation bar keys, music control with the volume keys and waking up the smartphone with the same, flashlight in the shutdown menu, disabling the shutdown menu on the lock screen.
  • Status bar: Toggle for 4G / LTE and VoLTE, quick pulldown, traffic indicator, disable quick settings on the lock screen.
  • Screen: live display, dark theme based on time, pocket mode, double-tap to put the smartphone to standby from the lock screen or notification bar, ability to force full screen (ignore the notch), custom system colours.
  • Lights and Gestures: Notification LED pulsing with low battery, swipe with three fingers to take a screenshot.
  • Fingerprint sensor: Fingerprint perfectly supports this ROM, and users can add up to five different fingerprints to unlock the smartphone.


To proceed with the installation of the Pixel Experience onRedmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael requires the following.

  • Complete Backup: Keep complete backup of Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael. You can also follow our android backup guides.
  • Unlock bootloader: You must unlock the bootloader of your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro . All of the customisation work needs an unlocked bootloader device. Check the guide link.
  • TWRP Recovery: You need to Install TWRP custom recovery on Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael.
  • 90% charge: You need 90% or more charge.
  • Download File: Download and save pixel experience file in your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael . Find the download link below
  • No need for Gapps: Only download pixel experience file. No need to download and install Gapps on Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael .

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Steps to Install Pixel Experience on Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael

  • Make sure that the pixel experience package is inside the memory of your Device.
  • Next, Move ROM to the internal storage of your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael .
  • Go to Wipe> Advanced Wipe and select System, Cache, Data, Dalvik Cache / ART, then continue with a swipe at the bottom;
  • After, Reboot Redmi raphael TWRP recovery.
  • Once entered to TWRP recovery, select install button, Navigate to pixel experience custom ROM file on your internal storage.
  • Select the file and swipe to the right.
  • At the end of the flash, tap on Reboot System and wait for the device to reboot.
  • Enjoy! 

Before you continue the process, please check the Pixel-Experience availability here. Check Now: Pixel-Experience Available Device List

Download Required Files Below

Has Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael become a Pixel?

When the Redmi Redmi K20 Pro restarted, you will finally have a full-fledged Pixel in your hands, starting from the initial configuration procedure. Let’s skip the steps as they are the same ones you have already done, and let’s focus more on the usage impressions, functions and problems we found in our tests.

It must say that at the first start, there are few pre-installed applications, and apart from Google Play and the browser, you will find very little. So much the better since you can modify your Google Experience without unnecessary applications.


Hope we have guided you to install the pixel experience on your Redmi Redmi K20 Pro raphael . If you have any queries related to this article, please feel free to mail us. Find our mail id on us or contact us page.