Nearby share between Android and Windows

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Android Nearby Share is an upcoming feature by Google that will unite the brand with Microsoft this year. Here is a complete guide on what to expect from nearby sharing between android and windows.

Over the years, both Microsoft and Google have tried to support interconnection to create easier compatibility between Windows PCs and Android devices. But finally, the time has arrived when users get to experience what they have been developing behind the curtain.

At CES held on 5th January 2022, Google announced that they are expanding the range of their fast pair technology, which was previously limited to just Android devices. This news came on the heels of Google Game Play becoming available on the Windows platform. This news shook the entire world because both Microsoft and Google are highly praised companies; their collaboration is bound to make people excited. However, this is just the outset of their mind-blowing launch.

Today, Google is trying to find sustainable ways to create an ecosystem with its devices. Much like the overall Apple ecosystem, which connects different apple devices seamlessly, for instance, file sharing, syncing and backup of messages from an iPhone to MacBook is done at lightning-fast speed, which is considered extremely helpful by apple users. This created an ecosystem of Apple products that enhanced the overall user experience.

Similarly, Google has a counterpart for MacBook that is Chromebook, but due to their recent release, Google has not accumulated many users for their laptop model. In such a case, uniting with Windows laptops became an alternative path for Google, considering today Microsoft have the most active PC users in the world. Hence, Google’s dream ecosystem leads them to unite with the next biggest worldwide technology chain. 

The interconnection between two models will be stimulated by Google’s fast pair technology, making the connection more rapid and more efficient, meaning a user will be able to access and operate both their laptop and smartphone simultaneously through the means of one device.

Furthermore, the nearby share between Android to windows will be a segment of Google’s fast pair feature. Currently, the nearby share feature helps transfer files between two smartphones, but the new update will enable nearby sharing from Windows 10 to Android.

What is Android nearby share? 

Nearby share is a feature available on almost every new Android smartphone that at this time only connects two Android smartphones. However, the upcoming update will allow nearby share between android and windows. The user will be able to connect their android phones to various other devices such as smart TV, smart home appliances, and Windows PCs quickly through fast pair. This feature will make it easier to set up more than one Bluetooth device, sync text messages, emails, and share files through nearby share android to windows. While it is yet to be released nevertheless, the feature is highly anticipated among tech enthusiasts. 

This has improved the overall functionality for users who own both devices. At the same time, many may believe that the feature is redundant when functions like Bluetooth can complete the job. But nearby share android to windows will be an alternative to Apple’s AirDrop rather than the traditional Bluetooth. Furthermore, when windows nearby sharing Android, it will be much faster than sharing through Bluetooth, and you will enjoy more than one feature at a time. 

What makes nearby share so famous on Android

Google is still working on its outlines to develop seamless interoperability between Windows 10 devices and Android Smartphones. With over 3 billion active Android devices in the world currently, it is safe to say that any new feature launch is bound to affect a wide range of audiences. 

Other than that, the popularity for nearby share PC to Windows also stems from the fact that AirDrop is another viral feature limited to Apple devices. An alternative for it is now available to Android users, which is enough to excite the feature. 

In addition to this fast pair will make new android devices and windows 10 laptops or computers synergize a lot better now. PC users will need external Bluetooth to perform a nearby share PC to Android, in contrast to laptop users. 

Nearby share between two android devices

Nearby share is not something unheard of in 2022. It has been around for some while now, and almost every new Android Device these days is equipped with the feature. However, the feature is currently limited to file sharing between two android smartphones, but soon nearby sharing windows 10 to Android will be made available. You can use this feature to transfer content to someone or receive it, and you can easily do it if the person in your contact, with its share with contacts feature. Here is how to do it: 

  • First, make sure both location and Bluetooth are turned on in your device to use Nearby share.  
  • Then open settings and go to, Device & Sharing> Nearby Share. 
  • Turn on the Nearby share.

To share Files/Content with someone, 

  • Go to the folder your files are located, long press to select the content you want to transfer. 
  • At the bottom of the screen option to share will appear; tap on it once all the required files are selected. 
  • When choosing which medium to share through, you will find an option for Nearby share; select it. 
  • Hold the other device close to your phone, and your screen will display “looking for nearby devices”. Please select the model of the phone when it appears. 
  • Before the transfer proceeds, the other device will be notified that someone is sharing content, and permission will be asked for it. You can accept it. 
  • The transfer will progress, and once the content is sent, tap Done. 

You need to follow the same procedure through the other phone to receive the content. But make sure your device is made visible to other devices for nearby shares.

Nearby share from Android to windows

Windows nearby sharing Android is expected to operate similarly to how nearby sharing between two android devices functions. But since, Google has hinted that new updates are coming for various segments of fast pair. It is possible that compatibility between PC and Smartphone will be better than anticipated. 

It is important to mention here, the compatibility will be made available to carry nearby sharing Android to Windows 10 computers only. Besides just sharing files, users will be able to sync their entire phone information and backup to their Windows 10 PC or laptops. This means they can access their schedule, emails, contacts, messages, and many more details stored on their phone through their windows computer.

 Besides that, many more Android exclusive apps will become available on the Windows system to make the transition smoother.

When will launch

The Nearby share feature is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022. At CES, along with Nearby sharing android to windows 10, Google has also announced that soon google play games will be made available on Windows laptops and PC. This indicates that Android is focused on building a more comprehensive operating platform with windows, whether in the gaming or essential functionality niche.

Google will first launch the collaborative feature with particular brands like HP, Acer, and Intel. These brands will release Windows 10 and above models, incorporating the fast pair between Android and windows. According to Google’s announcements, all of the said features of fast pair, including nearby share, will make their appearance before the end of 2022. 

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