Install Pixel Experience On Realme device

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If you are looking to customize your device? You have reached the right place.

Install pixel experience on your device - Check the Availability.

Note that the primary purpose of Custom ROMs is to provide a whole new experience of using your Realme device.

Would you like to have a user experience that Google Pixel has? You can install one of the latest and powerful custom ROMs, the pixel experience on your Realme device. This article will guide you with the step-by-step process to install Pixel Experience on your Realme device and the Compatible devices list.

Pixel experience delivers the ultimate experience in your Realme device. In other words, with the look and feel of Google’s Pixel device. In addition, pixel experience ROM provides a stable and secure pixel-like experience instead of focusing on the customization area.

Read this Guide and Install pixel experience on your Realme device.

What is Pixel Experience

The Pixel Experience name suggests what a Pixel or Google phone could offer in terms of software. Pixel Experience is a custom ROM based on AOSP. The support team has made it famous for its richness, functionality, and support over time.

The primary purpose is to turn Realme devices to have Google Pixel-like experience, with all the relevant features. Pixel Experience is a combination of things that include the original wallpapers, launcher, icons, animations, and fonts of the Big G smartphones.

Features of pixel experience on Realme device

With Pixel Experience custom ROM on your Realme device, you will enjoy a google pixel-like experience. One of the Pixel Experience ROM highlights is the pixel ecosystem, which includes Google fonts, ringtones, system animations, sounds, and wallpapers. Here are some features:

  • Button customization: The navigation bar keys can be customizable, the torch in the power menu can be enabled, and the power menu can be disabled or enabled on the lock screen.
  • Root access
  • Full-screen display: Provides full screen of apps and ignores the notch area, which is helpful for movies and games.
  • Lock screen toggle: Toggle the screen to show covers or magazines when the phone is locked.
  • Camara: Pixel plus has easy access to the Google Camera app, a great camera in its software.
  • Status bar: Toggle for 4G / LTE and VoLTE, quick pulldown, traffic indicator, disable quick settings on the lock screen.
  • Lights and Gestures: Notification LED pulsing with low battery, you can also swipe with three fingers to take a screenshot on your Realme device.

However, among the functions of the Pixel Experience, there are the classic gestures for navigation, gestures to call into question Google Assistant, and Google Discovery.

Pixel Experience Highlights on your Realme device

  • The ROM is as clean as Android One.
  • No need to flash GApps on your Lenovo device.
  • The user interface is as close to the Pixel devices.


To proceed with the installation of the Pixel Experience on Realme device requires the following.

  • Create complete Backup: Keep full backup of Realme device.
  • Unlock bootloader: Make sure you have an unlocked bootloader on your Realme device. All of the customization work needs an unlocked bootloader device.
  • TWRP Recovery: You need to install TWRP custom recovery on Realme devices.
  • 90% charge: You need to charge 90% or more.
  • Download File: If you have not downloaded the file of pixel experience, Make sure the file is your Realme device.

No need for Gapps: Only download pixel experience file. No need to download and install Gapps on Realme devices.

Pixel Experience Compatible devices for Realme

To get the list of compatible mobiles, it is recommended to go through the below list.

Steps to Install Pixel Experience on Realme device

Steps for installing a custom ROM is a simple process. Follow the guide and feel the pixel experience on your Realme device.

  • Make a backup of all your data before proceeding with the installation.
  • Move ROM to the internal storage of your Realme device.
  • Go to Wipe> Advanced Wipe and select System, Cache, Data, Dalvik Cache / ART, then continue with a swipe at the bottom;
  • After, Reboot the Realme device into TWRP recovery.
  • Once entering TWRP recovery, select the install button.
  • Navigate to pixel experience custom ROM file on your internal storage.
  • Select the file and swipe to the right.
  • At the end of the flash, tap on Reboot System and wait for the device to reboot.


Hope we have guided you to install the pixel experience on your Realme device. Let us know if you have any difficulties, advice, or improvements regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email.

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