How to download YouTube videos on android or pc

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If you are thinking about how to download YouTube videos on your android phone or pc? Exactly, this guide for you!

How to download YouTube videos on android on pc

Downloaded YouTube videos are useful for those who are offline. I covered how to download YouTube videos and save it into your android phone or pc with and without software

Read this guide and choose the right options for downloading YouTube videos on android phone and pc.

Download YouTube video with YouTube premium

Youtube is a free service that allows video creators to post videos on the platform. Other people from all over the world can watch those videos. Youtube has created an advertisement program, and that’s how youtube makes money.

Youtube premium is a premium service for youtube which you have to pay every month.

So there are a couple of advantages of YouTube premium. YouTube premium can download the videos to your phone. You can see the button under the videos to download it to your YouTube library.

Some of the other features of YouTube premium allow you to have no ads on your videos, which means you don’t have to wait to watch a video. It’s great.

Download YouTube Video with online sites on android and pc

If you have not installed a VLC player on your pc, you want to download YouTube videos. You can use online websites to download YouTube videos, and it works on both, android and pc. Many of the websites offer to download and convert the videos. One of the most efficient online sites is y2mate.

Steps to download YouTube videos on android or pc without software

  • To do this, copy the link you want to download.
  • Open any of the browsers. For example, Chrome.
  • Open the link y2mate
  • Past the link in the text box.
  • Choose what format you want and which quality.
  • After, select the download button

Note, On android smartphones, you can copy links to YouTube videos by clicking the share button > Copy link.

Download YouTube videos with third-party app

On android, here is another solution. Third-party apps help you to download youtube videos. Lots of apps are now available on the play store. The snap tube is the best for downloading youtube videos on your smartphone. Download link below.

Steps to Download YouTube videos using Snaptube

  • Download and install snaptube on your device.
  • Open YouTube.
  • Take the video you want to download.
  • Click on the share button below the video
  • You can see a snap tube app on there.
  • Select it. And select the quality and format of the video.
  • Done. Your video will download now.

Note, If the Snaptube option doesn’t appear on the share section, copy the video link and open the snaptube paste it on the search bar. You can also download it from there.

Download YouTube video with VLC

YouTube does not allow its users to download videos from its website, but you can still save them to your computer with the free VLC media player

Steps to download youtube videos on pc

  • copy the URL to the YouTube video you want to download.
  • go to media
  • Open network stream pastes the YouTube videos URL.
  • Click play to open the YouTube video in VLC.
  • Once the video is playing, go to tools > codec information.
  • Copy the URL from the location text box at the bottom.
  • Open the URL in your browser,
  • Right-click the video, and choose to save the video.
  • Finally, save the YouTube video to your computer.

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Use any of the methods to download youtube videos on your android phone or pc. I am suggesting that you choose the online service. Because it doesn’t need to download apps.

Let us know if you have any doubts, suggestions, or corrections regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email.

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