Google Map iOS – New update

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If you use an old version of Google Map in your iOS device? Update it right now.

Google Map iOS - New update

One of the best things about Google Maps is constantly updating and adding new, helpful features. Google released a new Google Maps iOS feature.

We have to cover some cool Google Maps updates. Follow iOS users, this guide for you. We’re covering all the new Google Maps iOS features. Let’s go!

There are precisely three Google Maps iOS updates that are worth sharing.

Live location sharing via iMessage

Sharing your location with a friend just got a whole lot easier. You can do this right from your Messages app. Scroll through your icons at the bottom and tap on the Google Maps icon in the desired conversation. Instantly, your location will show at the bottom of your device, and you can hit the ‘send button in the bottom right to send your live location as an iMessage. Your location will be shared for one hour by default. You can extend it to three days. To end your share earlier than that, you can tap the ‘stop’ button on the thumbnail.

Use widgets

Use widgets to see live traffic conditions and search for your favorite places with one tap. These are such powerful features.

Now, to activate either of these features, you’ll have to enable the new widgets. Make sure your Google Maps app is updated to the latest version.

Then from your home screen touch and hold a widget or an empty area of your screen until your apps jiggle. Now, in the top left corner, tap the ‘add’ button. Search for the Google Maps App. And in this search results list, select the Google Maps app. Here you’ll first see the nearby traffic widget, and if you swipe left, you can see the Google Maps search widget. Tap ‘add widget’ then tap done at the right corner.

These new widgets make it possible for you to access this information without opening your Google Maps app. So now, with the nearby traffic widget, you have access to nearby traffic conditions right from your home screen.

Alternatively, with the new Google Maps search widget added, you can search for your favorite places with just a quick tap, no need to navigate to them in the Google Maps app. You can now do it right from the home screen.

Dark mode

One of the most likely Google Maps iOS updates is dark mode. Google Maps dark mode is finally available on iOS, and it’s a thing of beauty. So whether you want to take it easy on your eyes, save battery life, or if you just like the look of the dark mode.

Steps to enable Google Map Dark Mode

Open Google Maps app.
Tap your profile icon or letter in the top right corner and head to your settings.
Tap on Dark Mode. If you tap on the same device setting, this will automatically adjust to dark mode as your iPhone settings.


Make sure your Google Map App is updated to the latest version. And Check these new features in your ios device.

What are your favorite Google Maps iOS updates? Let us know if you have any problems, opinions, or corrections regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email.

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