GB WhatsApp : Pros & Cons – Everything you need to know

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GBWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp. Learn more before installing it.

GB WhatsApp : Pros & Cons – Everything you need to know

GBWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp, which has unlocked many more features than regular WhatsApp and offers complete freedom to enjoy all of WhatsApp without any limitation.

You can send files that are larger than you can send in regular WhatsApp. You can customize the themes and appearance of WhatsApp chats and the main screen.

Besides, GBwhatsapp helps you reduce the size of WhatsApp by giving you the option to clean up WhatsApp logs. Ultimately decreases the size of WhatsApp, which can reduce the load on your device and make your device run faster and smoother because WhatsApp is a crucial part. The app we all need, but the size has sometimes become a pain, and our device starts to slow down due to the large size.

That is why GBwhatsapp is an excellent solution to get rid of most of your WhatsApp issues. You face it daily, and the developers of Whatsapp do not solve it.

Features of GBWhatsapp

GB WhatsApp has plenty of features. Some of them listen below.

  • Do not disturb Mod : This allows you to block other notifications while using GB whatsapp
  • Hide online status, blue ticks, double tick, viewed status, recording, blue microphone.
  • Anti- revoke.
  • Custom chat
  • It looks similar to Instagram
  • Post messages to groups
  • Send videos larger than regular WhatsApp
  • Directly send Apk and other files
  • Download Status
  • Clean up log files
  • Secure chat with password
  • Hide chat with password
  • Change chat app font and themes
  • Media sharing mods
  • GBWhatsApp lock : GBWhatsApp comes with the built-in app lock feature, which allows you to lock it with a pin if you don’t have an app lock on your phone. You can find this option in the GB settings.
  • Download large size status without quality loss : This is one of the valuable features of GBWhatsApp. This feature allows you to post larger-sized statuses than regular WhatsApp. To reduce the size, WhatsApp compresses/compromises the quality of the image and video you post in your WhatsApp. But with GBWhatsApp, you can download pictures and videos in stories with their original quality.
  • Change language : This feature allows you to change the language of WhatsApp. Currently, GBWhatsApp supports English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. You can do this by visiting GB Settings.
  • Backup GBWhatsApp : GBWhatsApp Backup will not work if you back it up like a regular WhatsApp. You need to backup for GBWhatsApp by visiting GB settings (Don’t backup by visiting normal settings. You will lose your data because this backup will not work when restoring). Always perform the backup by going to GBSettings

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Risks of using GBwhatsApp

The OEMs have notified users of using unsupported apps, such as Whatsapp plus and GB WhatsApp, which claim to transfer WhatsApp conversations from one phone to another.
These unofficial apps were developed by third parties and violate their terms of service because GB Whatsapp cannot validate their security practices.

Not guaranteed safety

WhatsApp has the benefit of giving its users an encryption service.
WhatsApp doesn’t support these third-party apps because we couldn’t validate their security practices.

Account Ban

Using GB Whatsapp, you may end in getting your account banned. Recently whatsapp has banned the accounts of millions of users without notice. Once you get banned, you need to wait for a period of 60 days to recover your account.


We have covered GB Whatsapp and its features. If you decide to install GB Whatsapp, download the app and enjoy your customization on GB Whatsapp.

Let us know if you have any difficulties, advice, or improvements regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email.

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