Best free video editing app for android [2021]

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We have covered the best video editing apps for android. It will help a lot to edit videos like a pro.

Best video editor for android

This article holds some of the main features, benefits of video editing apps for android. All download links in the download section below. Overall to find what would be the best app for you and your use case.


The first one is funimate. funimate is a mix between fun and animate or animation, and that is the main focus of this app.

Funimate is aiming towards more of a younger crowd of people want to edit videos. So if you’re using tik-tok, this one is made specifically for tik tok. Because you have so many effects, lighting effects, different cuts and transitions. That you can put over the top of your videos. You can cut and edit the video. You can choose from landscape portrait or square.

You can go in and zoom in and zoom out of the video when you’ve chosen that aspect ratio. But a few other apps give you virtually endless aspect ratios. So this app only gives you those three options.

It’s a mix between a regular video editing timeline and a photoshop workspace. You have layers of videos that you can put on top of each other to edit each layer with different effects.

This app puts a watermark on your video. You can upgrade to the pro version for different effects and remove the watermark.

Premiere rush

Adobe premiere rush is the most professional option for video editing on your android.

If you are in any way looking to up your game, maybe become a little bit more professional, then premiere rush is the best option. Because premiere rush is part of the adobe suite of software.

Every android device does not support this app, but some of the android and IPad, iPhones and mac os devices support these apps.


Inshot is the next one. It has some excellent features that funimate doesn’t have. You can record a voiceover in this one. You can also crop to weigh more aspect ratios, so change to different sizes.

You can also use a freeze frame with this one, like an automatic feature that does it for you. There are some speed effects as well. So you can Speed up videos and slow down video, so there are many solid features.

The primary editor is very powerful bug-free so that you can use this for a while. It is not going to slow you down. The free version is good enough for most.


kinemaster is the most people-used app for editing videos. This app has excellent pro features.

You get sound speed effects, good filters, suitable colour adjustments, even voice effects as well. You can very easily record video and audio, including voiceover in the app with some different features.

The paid-up version will give you different effects and the removal of that watermark.


Vllo video editing app is easier to understand and use. This app is made for those looking to finish their video editing faster. Vllo has lots of features and effects.

The free version is watermark-free. You can get some different effects and features in the premium version. You get extra manual controls.


The CapCut is the final one. It’s a fantastic editor, and no premium versions of this app.

CapCut is an open-source app., so anyone can get the code and make changes to it. The same company makes the cap cut as the tik-tok. This app is compelling for video editing without a watermark. There are no premium versions, but most of the features of the other apps.

You can change formats, canvas sizes easily and zoom in and out of the image. There are also some excellent options that none of the other apps has. You get the speed option, which can change the speed of the video. You can choose lots of different effects.

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Check it out on your Android smartphone. We have covered the best android video editing apps [2021]. You can also edit videos without watermarks on in shot and capcut.

Which app is helpful for your video editing. If you have any doubt, suggestions and corrections regarding this topic, Comment on it.

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