Best Bloatware Removal Tools for Android

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bloatware removal tools for android

If you are looking for an efficient way of getting rid of those unnecessary pre-installed apps on your device, there are multiple bloatware removal programs available online that can help you. 

These bloatware removal tool android apps sometimes ask for permissions for cleaning your device, or they may even require root access to your phone as well. 

Here is a list of three best bloatware removing apps available for you online:

1. System app remover

System app remover is a free bloatware removing app for android devices. It is designed to quickly and effectively remove bloatware on your device. You can operate the app by opening and granting root access, then you will check all the apps on your device that you need to remove and click on the uninstall button.

System app remover also provides you details like the package name, Apk path and install time of an app. 

After uninstalling any app, you can reverse it since it goes to the recycle bin first, in case you delete the wrong application.

Download System App Remover

2. NoBloat Free

No Bloat Free is another android bloatware removal tool for free that enables you to remove any sort of pre-installed applications on your device. Here, for removing the bloatware app, you need to locate it in the software’s listing. After you find your unnecessary app, you can press it and choose whether you’d want it to: 

  1. Disable 
  2. Backup
  3. Backup and delete 
  4. Delete without backup 

However, this application will also require root access. 

There is also a paid version of this app available that will enable you to blacklist apps. This will prevent removed apps from reappearing whenever you install new ROM, and it will allow batch actions as well. 

As opposed to the free version where it will delete apps one at a time.

Download NoBloat Free

3. Disable Bloatware

Disable Bloatware is one of the best bloatware removal android software. Since this is the first no-root required app on our list, that will work just as effectively but with little changes. This app will help you remove the bloatware, not by deleting it permanently, but by hiding it.

This works more like disabling the bloatware rather than uninstalling it. 

However, it’s perfect for those developers who are looking to safely tuck away all their device’s bloatware, without risking root access. 

To function its features, open the disable bloatware. Locate those apps you want to hide, and tap turn off or disable. These apps will stay in a hidden tab, in case you’d like to reverse the process you can.

Download Disable Bloatware

As we know bloatware tends to get jam-packed on your device, resulting in affecting its performance. By ignoring bloatware, you risk your phone’s battery life, memory, heating issues and wasting its storage. 

This is why removing bloatware is a necessary task that should be done frequently to make sure your device lasts a long time. There are multiple ways through which you can remove bloatware, however, the easiest way is to either use the android bloatware removal tool, or you can always disable them at your wish.

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