Best Android Apps for Rooted Devices

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We have compiled a list of the 7 best apps for rooted phones 2022, that will enhance their functionality, and give you the best customizable options.

A rooted Android device is a great opportunity for users to elevate their phone’s features to the next level. You can now tweak its functionality by installing the special apps requiring root access.

These apps for rooted phones come with new features that you can unlock now with a variety of benefits. Those apps that were previously considered risky, can now be easily accessed with a rooted device. Root apps need to be cautiously used, but they also improve your device’s battery life, provide more space, and remove junk apps like Bloatware. All in all, it betters your device’s potential and extends its working capacity. However, some of these apps can perform some heavy lifting on your phone. 
Here, we have compiled a list of the 7 best apps for rooted phones 2022, that will enhance their functionality, and give you the best customizable options.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a data backing app for rooted phones. It carries backup for apps, data and settings etc. You can set and adjust your backup schedule, which will be automatically carried out by this app. It also allows you to selectively choose items for backup and move them to an SD card if required, or it can sync your backups to your cloud.

Additionally, the app comes with other highly useful features. Such as app uninstaller and manager, which will successfully get rid of all the unnecessary bloatware from your device. Titanium Backup has a free and a pro version. You can choose depending on your features requirement.


Tasker is a task automation app, which enables its users to create automatic task scripts. Tasker App has several actions and customizable triggers which you can use, and it currently costs ₹310 or $3.49 on the google play store. 

Even without root access, it works fine, however, it is the best app for rooted phones as it enables these users to operate many more of its custom task features.


Catlog is a debugging software. Which is extremely useful in detecting any kind of bugs on your device. The app is user friendly so any developer or a regular user can operate it to perfection. Catlog is a free downloading app, and it doesn’t contain any ad clutter on your screen. 

The app provides each user with a colour coded tag name and filters. It eases the usage of log reading, recording mode widget, real-time searching of the log, opening and saving logs or emails, etc.

Quick Reboot

One of the best apps for rooted phones, Quick Reboot gives you access to its one-button Reboot feature. The app is perfect for users looking for easy function reboot access, and it presents many reboot modes like recovery mode, fast boot and safe mode

Furthermore, you don’t require ADB to reboot or any hardware key combos. You can also set up one-button icons or combined widgets while using several available themes of the app.


Greenify is made for users looking to clear their precious system storage and memory. The functionality of this app comes to use when it puts selected apps in a “hibernation mode”. This feature prevents useless apps from getting access to your system resources, running in the background, and giving frequent notifications. This makes Greenify one of the best apps for rooted phones 2021.

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is software designed to improve your device’s system monitoring and tweaking toolkit. 3C Toolbox operates by running a task manager to kill or manage your apps, and backup, to restore APKs, voltage settings, CPU governor, and tweak system settings or to determine the diagnostic data. The app requires Root access to fully function, hence a perfect app for rooted phones. 


Adaway is a system-wide ad blocking app for Android devices. It is the best app for rooted phones 2021, which includes a whitelist and blacklist, which will include selected domains along with automatic host files. Unlike other Ad blocker apps, Adaway features regular updates to include in the host list. This gives you a wider range where you can block ads. 

The app enables you to log in to DNS requests, which is an open and free source app, giving you access to source codes for yourself. The app is available on F-Droid open source repository.

These were the 7 best available apps for rooted phones. Since you have already rooted your Android device, it is a great time to reap the benefits of these apps and grant root access to them, which was formerly restricted.

Now, you can properly operate them on your phone, and experience their brand new features, while simultaneously enhancing your device’s performance.

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