Android Multi Tools for Windows 10 PC

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If you have a terrible habit of forgetting your passwords, this post is for you. Here you will learn everything about Android Multi Tools for Windows 10 and how you can use it to protect your device.

There is an abundance of tweaks and customization you can apply on your android device; however, one thing that counts the most is your device’s protection. Keeping security in mind, several users choose to lock their devices to restrict unauthorized entry to your phone. However, I n several occasions, people may forget their password/pin, which makes them locked out of their devices, causing them huge inconvenience, but this is where the Android Multi Tools come into help.

Android Multi Tools enables android users to unlock devices with passwords, pins, patterns, face recognition, or Gmail ID. Many know it as the all in one Android unlock tool. It can either remove or reset the lock from your Android phone. Currently, more than 1.3 billion Android devices are active throughout the world; therefore, using Android Multi Tools latest version helps in vast prospects and makes it much easier for users to open their phone in case of an emergency. In order to understand how to use Android Multi Tools, please keep on reading.

Android Multi Tools v1.02b Features

Generally, tech experts often indulge in custom development like unlocking the bootloader, flashing files etc. But to carry out any of these processes, users are required to boot their device to fast boot or recovery mode, and at certain times they need deletion of cache and data on your device. Similarly, there are occasions where a user requires information related to their devices software or hardware components. Functions like these and many more can be found in one place if users download the Android multi tools latest version. 

The highly accessible Android Multi-tool has several brilliant features that you can use on your device. We have covered every feature you can use and instructed how to use Android Multi Tool in this post.

  • Reset Pin or Password Lock: Most known feature of Android Multi Tools is that it helps in unlocking the device if the user forgets its password or face recognition fails consistently. Android Multi Tools is helpful in such cases. 
  • Check Device: This option enables users to check their device’s status. You can detect if your phone is connected to your PC or not.
  • Reset to Gesture or Face lock: This option lets you remove the pattern lock and replace it with a gesture or face lock. 
  • Wipe Data: This feature gives you the option to delete all the data from your phone. 
  • Reset Gmail: It helps you reset your forgotten Gmail account to log in. 
  • Reboot: android multi-tools also have the option to reboot your device. It’s a one-click option.
  • ADB & Fastboot drivers: You can download ADB & Fastboot drivers directly from android multi-tools.
  • Check Device in Fastboot: This tool also helps check the device in fast boot mode. 
  • Exit Fastboot Mode: It has an option for exiting the fast boot mode from your device. 
  • Wipe Data and Cache in the fast boot mode: The option to wipe your device’s cache or date in fast boot mode is also available. 
  • Command Prompt: The android multi-tools can lead you to a command prompt in a single click.
  • Hardware Info: Enables checking hardware info of device.
  • Software Info: Enables checking software info of device.

How to use Android Multi Tools

All the features offered by the Tools are mentioned above in the list. So, you know how handy it would be to operate an Android phone if you have an android multi-tool on your PC. The latest version of the software available for Windows 10 is Android multi-tool v1.02b. We have given a link below for the Android Multi tool free download

Furthermore, please read on to learn how to use the Android Multi Tool to access the features mentioned above on your device. We have compiled a step-by-step procedure on functioning the Android Multi Tools for Windows 10 computers.

  • First, you need to download the Android Multi Tool latest version from this Link
  • Then open the file and extract the tool to your desired location on your computer.
  • Then enable USB debugging and connect your phone to your computer; the tool will further require root access to your phone. 
  • After your phone is rooted, go to the Android Multi Tools folder.
  • It will further ask you to grant permission to access; click yes on the prompt. 
  • After that, the tool will start running on CLI (Command Line Interface).
  • It will ask you then to click the required number and press enter.
  • Press 1 for knowing the device’s status, etc. Here it will show standard information like ID, Device, IMEI etc. 
  • Press 2, for resetting Password or Pin lock on your Android device. After which, you will be shown instructions on the screen to reset the device password.
  • Press 3 if you want to reset or remove the Face/ Gesture/ Pattern lock, and follow the instruction provided accordingly. After which, your passwords will be removed, and you are free to your phone. 
  • On pressing 4, you will get an option to reset your Gmail account password if you forgot that. 
  • If you want to remove or wipe all the data from your phone, press 5. Your device will be formatted.
  • On pressing 6, you can reboot your device.
  • On pressing 7, you will go to fast boot mode and wipe data or cache.
  • On pressing 8, you can check device status in fast boot mode.
  • One pressing 9, you will exit the fast boot mode. 
  • On pressing S/H, you will be able to check software and hardware information, respectively. 
  • To get direct access to the command prompt, press 0. 

Android Multi Tool for windows 10 is a user-friendly tool. Its easy to use interface makes it accessible to everyone. Furthermore, there are several modifications a user can carry out through this tool. You won’t require different standalone apps or software anymore because Android Multi Tools free download is one quick solution to all tweaks on your phone. 

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