How to download & Install Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout

Android 12 was recently released for general operation. Check availability of Android 12 for Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout and upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to Android 12.

How to upgradeNokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout  to Android 12

After nearly 8 months of Android 12 ‘s developer previews and beta testing, Android 12 is released and you can experience the update in its full glory. Needless to say, it is the biggest update you will experience in a long time.

In this article, let us guide you to heck availability of Android 12 for Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout and upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to Android 12.

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This fresh OS version can be considered as Google’s most substantial brainchild in years. Due to its offering a massive design update with a host of new features, Android 12 became highly anticipated.

Since the last massive android design we saw was the material design from 2014. However, this time it is crystal clear how much effort Google had put into this new OS material design.

Keeping it basic, while adding a handful of new feature compilations. They are presenting to us “The Material You”. You can see how the team has worked on making the whole OS feel much smoother. Basically, their primary motive of providing a better experience to their users is 100% successful.

The redesign has changed a lot of stuff, which is then branched off to other parts of the operating system. Even though, the usual functionality of Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout will remain the same as android 11. Like your home screen’s quick settings will still behave like they used to. 

But with new physical features like the new widget updates, dashboard settings, and other small details. It will be impossible for you to not experience the impact of the “material you” when you upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to Android 12.

What’s new in Android 12

Android 12 Features For Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout

The highly anticipated Android 12 has been launched with a blast. By bringing new interfaces, new features, privacy settings, dashboard widgets and gaming modes etc.

It is safe to say that Google pulled out all the right stops that were long-awaited this year. 

Upgrading Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to Android 12 indeed offers a lot more than what you can expect from an Android OS update.

  • Scrolling Screenshots 
  • Shortcut for Google Assistance
  • Auto screen rotation
  • Better Widget API
  • Better Notification API
  • Picture in Picture mode
  • Hibernation mode

Read more about the features of Android 12 in more detail.

Why install Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout

Another big question you might have is to why upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to android 12 at all if the basic functionality remains the same as android 11? If so, here are a few things to know about Android 12.

Since we know-how, Google has always focused on providing a more personalized experience to its users. This is why this time Google has primarily focused on updating a phone that is highly adaptable according to your choices.

While simultaneously allowing you to select the device experience and services specifically right for you. Android 12 is the perfect embodiment of everything you loved about your OS amplified ten times. As well as consisting of the most enormous design changes in history. 

They rethought the entire experience, from shapes to colours, lights and swift motion. The result being the new Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout will be the most dynamic and expressive update from Google till now.

Android 12 will be the first operating system by Google that is secured by default and private by its design. Therefore, making all your devices work better together.

Since, this time the launch is a full release, you won’t be facing any major bugs or issues either. Also, the process to upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to Android 12 will be easy if your device is compatible.

You can check if Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout supports Android 12 or not, from the list down below.

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Installing Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout from official update

Before you start with the steps to upgrade your Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout through an OTA update, you must check if your device supports Android 12 officially & has rolled out the update.

If your device has been listed in the above link, then you will be able  to update the Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to the latest android 12 version by simple steps.

A quick guide on how to upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to Android 12 here. This will work only if the official update is rolled out.

  • Enable USB debugging on your device and install an ADB driver on your PC.
  • Then, open the Android flash tool from here
  • Connect your phone to your PC and click on get started on the flash tool and allow the browser to run ADB.
  • Add your device next by choosing your device model, the update should be already set to android 12 by default.
  • Click on the installation button.
  • After that, you will get a prompt asking to unlock the bootloader, press the volume and power button to accept it.

Immediately after that, you will be able to see the installing software bar proceeding. After it is completed, Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout will then reboot and you will now have android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout .

Install Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout through GSI

Android 12 is one of the most anticipated updates from Google. With their goal to be able to see the complete visual overhaul in terms of new features. The brand-new system animations, notification panels, widgets, themes etc, definitely makes us all want to try the new operating system instantly.

However, at the time we are writing this, Android 12 is only fully updated in a handful of models from Pixel and Samsung, while it is still in the early stages of beta testing in other smartphone brands that Google partnered with.

So, what about those users who would like to get their hands on this new update, but don’t own any of the models from the list? Well, here is a solution for that. If your device supports project treble and GSI, it is fully possible to download & install Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout as well.

Here is a complete guide on what GSI is and how to install Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout through GSI if supported.

What is GSI & How does it works

GSI stands for Generic System Image. A GSI package refers to a system of images with adjustable confrontation for project treble support compatible with Android devices.

How it works is Google has enabled all the non-pixel devices with the Android operating system to be able to flash the GSI package according to their device’s respective supportability with the project treble and enjoy their latest android OS system.

Prerequisites Before Installing Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout via GSI

For downloading Android 12 GSI through using the DSU method. You will be able to download android 12 as part of the guest OS along with your current android system. 

For this process, you will require no computer, PC or root to install android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout .

There are, however, a few prerequisites in this procedure:

  • Your device must have an unlocked bootloader 
  • Your device must be shipped with android 10+ loader 
  • Your device must support dynamic partitions ( project treble)

Check if Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout supports GSI (project treble support)

Now to check if Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout supports android GSI or the dynamic partition from our list of prerequisites. 

  • Download an application called treble information from google play store on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout . 
  • Here you will see the treble, vendor development and kit status.
  • On scrolling further, you will see the option for dynamic partitions. 
  • Here, you can find out if your device supports GSI or not. If it does, you will see “your device uses a dynamic partition (super partition)” written here, which means it is enabled by default.

Download Android 12 GSI for Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout

As we said, the basic idea around Android GSI is that not all android users operate a Pixel or Samsung device, to which the Android 12 update is limited to till now.

However, if your device does consist of GSI USB, this enables you to download Android 12 on your device with no PC or root, using GSI.

First, if you want to learn how to install android 12 on your device, make sure your device matches all the requirements we have listed above. 

We are going to be using the DSU method here to upgrade your device to Android 12. DSU will work wonders for you if you want to experience the new OS without wanting to damage your previous one.

What is DSU?

When Google released Android 10, they also introduced a feature called the DSU. Which stands for Dynamic System Update. 

DSU is a helpful feature to us because it downloads the Android 12 generic system image bundled with core google applications and loads it into a separate partition.

This way every time you reboot Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout , you have the option to delegate the system to either.

  • Boot Normally
  • Load Android 12 GSI from the dynamic partition.

Kind of like a dual boot. It will remove any risk of corrupting your current system and it will help you to install the new android 12 on your device hassle-free. 

Steps to install GSI on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout

Now before you start with the installation process, make sure your device runs on android 10 or newer, supports dynamic partition and has an unlocked bootloader.
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Step 1 – On your phone, go to the settings > choose about device > find build number and tap on it seven times. 

This will activate the developer options.

Step 2 – Then go to the developer option > select DSU Loader. 

After selecting the DSU loader, you will see an interface of “select DSU package”. 

Here you will be given two options. Select the second one.  

This contains a google application bundled with the Android 12 GSI. 

Step 3 – As soon as you select the GSI option, it will automatically start downloading Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout in the background and load into a dynamic partition.

Within your notification panel, you will be seeing the process bar wait till it’s completed. The download will be around 3.7 GB in size.

If you see any errors here as “DSU installation has failed” make sure Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout matches all the prerequisites from our list. Or you can Click on this link to get more information

Step 4 – When the download is completed, you will have a constant notification of “dynamic system update”. 

Here you will see two options of 1) Discard and 2) Restart.

Make sure to not press discard until you want to remove the OS from Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout . Now, press Restart to boot into Android 12 on Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout .

After Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout is restarted, your mission is done. Your phone will boot itself into Android 12 from the other partition without damaging your previous android system.

What if the GSI method is not supported in Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout ?

If your device doesn’t support the GSI method or project treble, the above mentioned GSI method will not work. It is recommended for users to

  • Wait for the official update from their smartphone manufacturer.
  • Wait for the custom ROM version release (like, Lineage OS 19, Pixel Experience etc), which will most likely come out a few weeks after the official Android update.
  • Review the list of official or beta-tested Android 12 available devices.
  • If your device model is not named under the list, then keep updated with the Android 12 release date for respective smartphones, which still hasn’t been confirmed by Google for many brands.


Since Android 12 has officially skyrocketed in the Material you era, we are sure this will be the best upgrade ever launched by Google. For once, the launch feels like a cohesive vision that Google has. Unlike many of their previous hit and miss updates. 

In this article, we have mentioned how to upgrade Nokia Nokia 6.2 SLD sprout to android 12, by using the official method of installation, if the device has an official update. As well by the GSI method, for those devices which support project treble.

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