Android 12 Features You Must Know

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If you want to know about the features of android 12? Learn more about upcoming android 12 features.

Android 12 Features

Over the last few years we have seen a lot of changes in the android operating system. Including features, ui, apps compatibility, and some major hardware and software changes. You will not be able to download the finished android 12 update right away.

Android 12 is now available as a public beta and it features the OS’s most significant design change in years including customizable color palettes, updated notifications, battery saving performance, and faster than the previously released android versions.

Android 12 beta version now available for download on selected devices including google pixel, phones, oppo, nokia, oneplus, xiaomi, zt, asus, and iq.

Features of android 12

Android 12 is a significant update to the operating system that includes a number of new features. Here’s some of the features in the public beta and during the google I/O keynote.

app privacy

Google is adding several new privacy features to apps with android 12 to give you more transparency and control. A privacy dashboard allows you to prevent apps from collecting unnecessary information and to disable your camera and microphone across all apps.

Double tap options

Another new feature allows you to trigger an action by tapping the back of your android phone a certain number of times. When you enable it in gestures settings you’ll see a list of actions you can set such as taking a screenshot playing and pausing media or launching google assistant.

Redesigned notifications

Google is revamping notification design to make them more modern and functional. When you tap on a notification you will be taken directly to the app or action you want to take rather than through an intermediary service. Everything should run more quickly as a result of this.

customized color themes for pixel phones

When you select your wallpaper on a google pixel phone a feature called color extraction updates the entire system including your lock screen widgets and notifications with custom complementary colors.

one-handed mode

Android 12 appears to include a few design changes that make operating android phones with one hand and your thumb easier. Moves the search bar to the bottom of the display for easier one-handed access. It also revealed a new feature called silky home which makes the entire interface easier to use with one hand.


The final android 12 is not released. Android 12 is on beta version. Android developers makes the operating system as more easier to users.

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