Smart Google Appliances Available Affordably

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Affordable smart home appliances

Right from operating a digital smart clock to adjusting the home lights to playing your favorite music track remotely, Google Home offers everything you can ever imagine. Although these gadgets are stunning and add a style statement to your home, they are expensive. 

Let’s discuss some of the best Google accessories that anyone can buy and understand their features so that you can get the best out of them.

Google Chromecast with Google TV

To clear away all the confusion, Google Chromecast with Google TV works just like Chromecast. The google chromecast for mac with Google TV is much more than the previous Chromecasts as it offers enhanced features and flexibility. 

It comes with an HDMI dongle (attached permanently) that you can connect to your TV’s rear panel. However, you can use your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc., without any interruption to cast content to the TV. 

Google Nest Thermostat

Have you heard of Nest Thermostat? It’s a stylish, stunning, neatly designed thermostat that is easy to install. The gadget supports HVAC systems, and you can control it remotely using your smartphone. 

Google Nest Thermostat integrates a touch screen on the right side that allows users to navigate the interface, explore the features, and adjust the temperature. The thermostat emits an audible sound when you swipe up and down. 

TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

It’s an affordable device that can turn electronic products into smart gadgets. You can control any electronic appliance from anywhere through a smartphone. If you have a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection with uninterrupted availability, you are all set to go. 

Download the Kasa app and turn your electronic devices on and off right from your smartphone. You can also operate electronic devices with your voice, Google Assistant, Alexa, or Cortana. It also allows you to schedule switch off and switch on times for multiple electronic devices. 

Google Nest Hello

This is something that every house should have, a smart doorbell that allows you to see who’s at the door without peeping through the door lens. Not just that, it enables you to talk to the person standing outside your door right from your smartphone or tablet. 

Think extensively, and you will realize that Google Nest Hello is a security device that enhances your safety without investing much. Some advanced models of Nest Hello can recognize the frequent visitors, and you can hear the announcement on Google Home Speaker. Isn’t that amazing?

Nest X Yale Smart Lock

Open or lock the doors of your home using your voice. It also helps you detect if the door remains unlocked with the voice command. Frequent visitors can use their own passcodes for better control over access. It also helps track the visitors that have visited the house along with the time details.

The lock is easy to install and works with many standard doors, though it should meet certain size requirements. Once you install the Nest X Yale Smart Lock, you will have to connect it to the Nest app to be able to control it through your smartphone. 

The mesh network works faster using multiple routers and nodes. The information is transmitted wirelessly that extends the WiFi connectivity. Google Nest WiFi is available in a variety of options that integrate multiple configurations, and you can select one as per your specific requirements. 

It is one of the best and the most utilized home accessories that everyone can buy. It comes with two different Ethernet jacks; the rest of everything is advanced and up-to-date. It gives comparatively faster performance than Google WiFi and integrates seamlessly with Nest smart displays to allow for better guest network management. 

Hue Light Bulb

Hue Light Bulb is not just a bulb but an extensive lighting system that you can use in collaboration with Google Home apps to switch on the lights or turn them off. You can manage individual settings of lights and adjust them using a mobile app. 

It also allows you to give custom names such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc., to each individual bulb. Also, it enables you to control each bulb independently and can set up the brightness to a specific percentage. 


Using these advanced Google Home accessories, you can make your home smart and handle your appliances remotely. These smart home accessories are easy to install and operate and are available at a very affordable price.

If you have been looking to make your home smarter, then do not hesitate and pick one of the appliances mentioned in this article and get one for yourself. Not before too long, you will appreciate how much value they provide.

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