Install Edge Panels On Galaxy Smartphone

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If the edge panel does not enable on your Samsung Galaxy, or you don’t even hear about it? Read this Guide.

Install Edge Panels On Galaxy Smartphone

Edge Panels are super useful for Samsung galaxy users. There are certain things that Edge Panels can really help you with perform faster and much more efficiently. Try the edge panels right now.

I am describile six edge panel for your Samsung Galaxy devices. This article helps you a lot. Read this guide and enable your edge panel option on your samsung galaxy.

What is an edge panel?

Edge panels are a way that you’re able to open up a small tab on the right or left-hand side and have quick tools or access to do something pretty quick or something that just kind of helps you get something accomplished.

Let’s say that you don’t see this tiny little tab on the right-hand side or the left side, and you want to activate this one.

Steps to Activate edge panel

  • Settings
  • Go to display option
  • Inside of displays scroll down to where you see edge screen
  • Under edge screen> edge panels
  • you can activate and turn on all the different edges you would like.

SIX Essential Edge Panels on Galaxy Smartphone

Edge panels are more useful for you. I have covered six Essential Edge Panels for Galaxy Smartphones.

Clipboard Edge Panel

The first one is Clipboard Edge Panel. what if you could copy everything and keep it in one place, whether it’s text or images? You don’t have to keep switching for copying and pasting if you could have all of it accessible in one place, especially in your edge panel.

What’s better is, you can separate your copied content by text or images and have it accessed faster.

Let’s say you’re already in a text field, and the edge panel will allow you to paste, so you tap on paste directly. Long press on something that you copied. You can either delete it or lock it depending on what you want.

Amazingly, this is an inbuilt edge panel. Go to display settings into edge panels and then into panels option. You can scout for a clipboard panel. Please enable it.

Calculator Edge Panel

The second panel is the calculator panel. I hate searching for the calculator in the app drawer because that’s something you need immediately, and having it in your edge panel is fantastic.

Steps for install calculator edge panel on your Samsung galaxy

  • Open it on any app right because it’s an edge panel to install it.
  • Open your edge panel, go into settings, hit the galaxy store, and then search for the calculator. You’ll see it right up front because it’s so popular.
  • Install
  • Once done, go back into edge panels and enable it

Direct Call Edge Panel

Suppose you’re still using your phone for calling people. With just one swipe, you get access to your favorite contacts or people you call the most. Then with just one tap, you can directly dial them, and this is honestly much faster than going through your recent call list or your contact list.

You can edit all of these. You can remove and add new contacts and add up to 20 people in this edge panel.

Steps For Direct Call Edge Panel

Again if you want to get this.

  • Go to your galaxy store from your edge panels
  • Look for a direct call panel. It’s completely free of cost
  • Enable it for use.

Recent Files Edge Panel

Next, let’s access a file or you downloaded a file from your email or WhatsApp. You want to access it. How cool would it be if you could do that right from your edge panel? And you do get the option of filtering it by documents, images, audio, and video, so that’s cool.
Steps for enabling Recent Files Edge Panel.

  • Go to the galaxy store
  • Navigate to the top option.
  • Scout for recent files panel
  • Once you get that, download, activate.

Control Center Edge Panel

The next one is called the control center, and it pretty much acts like one. So you’ve got all your settings and a couple of essential tools all in one place. Quickly accessible, you can toggle your settings. You can turn on your torch along with the option to increase or reduce the intensity of your torchlight. You can increase the brightness of your display. And change volume controls, and you’ve got a bunch of other settings.

For example, you’ve got a screen capture screen record, scan QR code, and even take a quick snip of a part of your phone. Suppose you want to enable it. Go to the galaxy store on the edge panel setting. It has a cost for this edge panel. You can download and use it on your Samsung galaxy smartphone.

Bookmark Edge Panel

The last one is a quick bookmark edge panel, which stores your favorite or frequently visited websites in an excellent clean way. It’s free.

Steps to Quick Bookmarks Edge Panel.

  • Go to galaxy store and search for browser quick links for the edge
  • It’s free. Just get it, Install it on your Samsung galaxy device.


Those were six edge panels for Samsung galaxy devices. I think they are nice to have on your galaxy phone. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Let us know if you have any doubts, suggestions, or corrections regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email.

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