How To Join Myshopprime Re-Seller Program

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How To Become Reseller In Myshopprime

Hi friends. Here I am going to show you how to set up your shop with myshopprime. You can own your shop with my prime shop.

Myshopprime encourages women, men, and students to make money at home by reselling various fashion products such as clothing, furniture, jewellery and more. Anyone who has a good audience and friends can join this platform to make money. You only need to do is to spend your free time promoting your shop in myshopprime. Here you can start a fully flexible family business without any investments and in a completely safe way.

What is Myshopprime

Myshopprime is the world’s first network of vendors and suppliers (wholesalers and manufacturers), which comes under glowroad. Sellers have direct access to suppliers who offer high-quality products at low prices.

Why Join Myshopprime

If you waste your time by spending on social media and surfing some sites, you can invest that time to make money online. There is no need to invest money or buy stocks: you can create your online store in Glowroad for thousands of products simply by copying products from suppliers. Add your margins and start reselling to your customers by price.

You can easily share your online store on WhatsApp and Facebook. When someone makes a purchase, you earn the margin, as you set. The vendor sends the product directly to the customer’s address. Also, our customer service team will be happy to train you on how to grow your customer base.

Sell ​​more products, and the maximum is how much you earn!
If you are a business owner, you can use Myshopprime to create a network of trusted distributors across the country. Glowroad provides this program.

How to join Myshopprime

Myshopprime itself is not a money-making platform. It is only a cart which given to Reselling online apps. Don’t be confused. If you are looking for myshopprime account, then you need to join in reselling online apps.

As I said earlier, myshopprime is the portal for the users of glowroad where users will be provided a custom shop link of myshopprime

There are plenty of reselling apps which is trusted for making money. We reccommend to use Meesho, which is the No.1 Reselling app in india. Download Meesho from the below link.

Reselling Apps For Making Money Online


Meesho is one of the most online shopping and reselling stores at low prices. You can make money by reselling high-quality products or shop your products at zero investments. Meesho has free delivery or free shipping services, free refunding, and cash on delivery.

Steps to join Meesho

  • Download Meesho app from here.
  • Register with your mobile number.
  • Name your shop.
  • Add products from Meesho app to your shop.
  • Launch it.


GlowRoad is India’s e-commerce application for high-quality products at a wholesale rate. You can earn money by re-selling the products to your friends, family, and more. Here are the steps to join myshopprime on Glowroad.

Steps to join GlowRoad

  • Download GlowRoad app from here.
  • Register with your mobile number.
  • Name your shop.
  • Add products from Meesho app to your shop.
  • Launch it.

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