Havoc OS – List Of Supported Devices and Features

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If you are looking to customize your device? You have reached the right place. Check the Compatible Devices list.

Havoc OS - List Of Supported Devices and Features

Havoc OS was unknown until its first version with Android Oreo. The Havoc OS Custom ROM stands for its features and excellent experience.

In the beginning, the Havoc team focused on getting the best of all worlds while providing an enjoyable user experience. Now things are very different, as the Havoc OS project brings new features catching the attention of all other developers in the Custom ROM.

Havoc os also provinces Generic System Images (GSI) for non-supported devices.

What is Havoc OS

Havoc OS may look like a standard Android at first glance, but it offers endless sets of customization. Custom ROM allows you to customize the status bar, software buttons, gestures and many other things. The ROM is great for anyone wanting a Pixel-like experience. However, the only downside of Havoc OS is its stability. Despite being light, Havoc OS consumes battery quickly

Havoc OS is an android open source project AOSP. It provides a smooth and stable experience for your device. And a set of unique features that provide an excellent user experience.

Features of Havoc OS

The Havoc OS ROM is bug-free, but the update cycle is slower than other ROMs like Lineage OS. It is highly recommended due to the aesthetic modifications it has in addition to its stability and characteristics. It also has a theme manager that dynamically changes the colour based on your wallpaper, or you can set it according to your will. It also has a font manager and theme engine that makes customization possible. Here are some of the features that Havoc OS:

  • Sensor block per pack: Unlike traditional battery saver apps, this one features specific sensors for certain apps, ultimately saving battery life.
  • Up-to-date: Constant updates.
  • Security Patch: Updates with the monthly Security Patch
  • Customizations: Havoc OS gives a lot of customization options for users.
  • Stability: Better battery life and performance
  • UI Design: Inspired UI design by pixel experience
  • OTA updates
  • Open Source: You can get Havoc OS codes on GitHub

Havoc OS Compatible Devices

To get the list of compatible mobiles, it is recommended to go through the below list.Havoc ROM is available for 150+ Devices across 20+ OEMs.













We have listed Havoc OS Compatible Devices. Check the list, if your device is suitable for Havoc OS.

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