Features of Google Chrome [Must Know]

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If you are using chrome right now, but you don’t know about these features. Let’s check it out.

Google Chrome features [Must Know]

Let’s get into the best Chrome features to make life easier. The first thing you need to know is that all of these Chrome features are built right into Chrome itself – you don’t need any third-party extensions or plugins. We have a lot to cover.

Pin Tab

If you use the same tabs over and over again in Chrome, this is for you. It’s going to save you time.

So as an example, If you always have YouTube Channel open, and Gmail and others. You can easily access one of these tabs by following the steps.

  • just right-click on the tab
  • And select “Pin”. You’ll notice that the tab is instantly shrunk down to the icon and pinned to the top left corner of my Chrome browser.

Now it’s worth noting here that once you’ve pinned a tab. You can open and close other tabs or close your Chrome browser entirely, and that tab will still be pinned to the top left when you relaunch your browser.

If you want to unpin a tab for any reason, it’s the same process. Right-click the tab and select “unpin”.

Move multiple tabs at the same time

So let’s say we want to move a few tabs to a second monitor or reorganize our tabs. It’s straightforward to do. Just like you would select multiple files, you can select multiple tabs.

  • Please select one of the tabs we want to move
  • Then hold down the shift key and select the last Tab in the group you want to move.
  • Now all tabs are selected, and you can move them at your convenience.

Now you might be thinking – what if I want to move a few tabs that aren’t right next to each other? Follow the steps

  • Now you’ll select the Tab you want to move and hold down your control key on a PC or command key on a Mac to select the other tabs you want to move.
  • Once selected, rearrange that group of tabs as you wish.

Create Tab groups

Creating tab groups is entirely different from moving multiple tabs. Tab groups is a huge lifesaver when you’re comparing shopping or want to keep specific client tabs or email providers grouped – whatever works for your organization. So, Select multiple tabs. You can select any tabs you want to be grouped.

  • Then, right-click on any one of the selected tabs.
  • Select ‘add tabs to new group’.
  • You can name the new group – and add emojis if you so desire – then you can even add a colour to identify the group quickly.

In addition, you can also add a new tab to the group. You can ungroup everything if you don’t want the group anymore. You can close the group or even move the group to an entirely new window. If you’re going to collapse all of the tabs in the group, click on the title.

And do the same if you want to expand all the tabs in that group. You can also drag a new tab and drop it into the group at any time. And the same goes for removing a tab from the group. Just pull it right out of that group.

Mute Tab

Mute Tab is a handy one for those who are easily annoyed by video ads that auto-play on web pages. So, if you find yourself on a site that has those annoying video ads, and it’s interrupting your experience,

  • Just head to the Tab at the top. If that site is playing audio, it will have a little speaker icon on the Tab.
  • Right-click on the Tab and select ‘mute site’.

Send chrome tabs to phone

You need to have Chrome installed on your desktop and your mobile device, so if you were in the middle of something but had to run out and want to finish something on the go.

  • Just head to the Tab.
  • Utilize our trusty right-click
  • And this time, select to send to your phone option. I find you need to be in your Chrome app on your phone right as you send the Tab, or else it can sometimes get lost.
  • So, over on your phone, you will get the little popup near the top that tells you I’ve received a tab on Chrome.
  • Click on ‘open’ to open up that Tab.

Open specific tabs on startup

If you always open specific sites when you’re online, why not have Chrome do the work for you? For this,

  • Head to the settings section of Chrome by clicking the three-dot menu icon in the top right
  • And selecting ‘settings’.
  • From here, click on ‘on startup’ on the left-hand side.
  • You have a few options. You can also select “open a specific page or set of pages.”
  • You can either manually add a new page or use the current pages you have open.
  • So obviously, for this, you’d want to have the sites you wish to already open, and then you’d select an option.
  • Now when you restart Chrome, those tabs you selected will automatically open for you.

Enable live caption

Now you can have Chrome automatically add closed captioning on video and audio files. This feature is also for video and audio files from the web AND your local hard drive files. So here’s how it works.

  • Let’s head back to our settings section in Chrome.
  • This time, click on the advanced option on the left and select ‘accessibility’.
  • Right here at the top, ensure live captions are toggled on.

From any webpage that has audio or video, closed captioning will automatically appear for you. So let’s say you’re listening to one of your favourite murder podcasts, but you need captioning. At the bottom, the captioning auto-starts.

You may remember any audio or video content you have on your local drive too. That’s because you can drag any audio or video file into your Chrome browser to play it. – did you know that?

Let’s grab a video file from my hard drive, and we’ll drag it and drop it into Chrome. Instantly, a new browser tab is opened up, and my file will automatically start to play in Chrome and would you look at that, AI-generated live captions from Chrome.

Utilize Chrome’s safety check

Chrome’s safety check is a must if you allow Chrome to remember your passwords.

  • Head back to your settings.
  • On the left-hand side
  • Click the ‘safety check’ option.
  • From here, select ‘check now’.

If you have some passwords that are showing as compromised, you’ll have a red triangle with a white escalation point in it, and you’ll be able to review all the sites where your password is compromised, and Chrome will even tell you what you need to change to protect passwords.

Guest mode

Guest mode is a perfect, hidden chrome feature for when someone else needs to use your computer. So Chrome is great because it syncs your bookmarks, passwords, and preferences across all your devices, which is excellent for you but not so great if someone else needs to use your computer.

  • So, in that case, all you have to do is open up Chrome or a new Chrome tab
  • And click your profile icon,
  • Then select ‘guest’.

A new guest tab is opened up. Now I still recommend you close your other browser tabs before handing over your computer, or this would be pointless!

Integrated audio and video control

You can control audio and video playback from any tab. Like, YouTube videos, or podcasts, any audio playing in a tab.
Let’s say you have a YouTube video playing. No matter what Tab you’re working in, you’ll be able to have a quick view and control of what video is playing.

  • Let’s head right up to the tiny music player icon beside your profile picture.
  • Click that music icon to see all the tabs that have audio playing.
  • You can control any playback option right from here in this Tab, and you don’t have to toggle back to the specific Tab. If you want to get back to that Tab quickly, click on the title, and that Tab will pop back up.

Search inside websites with an Omni-box

Search a specific website without having to go to that website first manually.

  • let’s head up to our trusty address bar
  • And you type the website you want to search in.
  • Now on the right-hand side, Chrome is telling you to press Tab to search within Youtube.
  • So, let’s press the Tab
  • Then search for what you want on that site


Cast to another chrome cast capable device. Chromecast is one of the most-used Google Chrome features. There are a couple of ways to do this.

  • First, if you want to share a specific website with your smart TV
  • Click the three-dot menu icon in the top right of your chrome browser
  • And then select ‘cast’.
  • Chrome will start looking for compatible devices to cast the webpage.
  • Select the device you want to cast, and Chromecast will show the webpage on that device.

You can keep this Chromecast icon in your bar at the top all the time. Right-click on it and select ‘always show icon’.

Now you can also cast directly from a YouTube video. Let’s play this YouTube video on our smart TV. Right here, in the playback of the YouTube video, you have the Chromecast symbol. If you hover, it will tell you that’s the ‘play on tv’ symbol. All you need to do is select that, and the YouTube video will automatically be on the big screen.


I hope you have to get more knowledge to make chrome easier. Which one is more helpful for you? Comment it.

Let us know if you have any doubts, suggestions, or corrections regarding this topic. We are happy to hear from you in the comment section and on email. Have a great day.

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