Everything That Is New With Android 12 – New Features List

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Since Android 12 is very soon making its appearance on multiple devices. In this post, we have compiled the list of major and minor features of the new OS that you should look forward to.

Since Google announced the release of brand new Android 12 OS back in February of 2021, we have gone through multiple beta testing to have finally arrived at the official release of the complete update.

After experiencing the enigma of Android 12 on our own, we discovered the wide range of new features that are launched in this new software update. The Android 12 is right now officially installed in Pixel and Samsung phones. While beta testing in some other brands Google has partnered with.

Whether you own a phone from the list of android 12 released devices or are still waiting for the official release date from your smartphone manufacturer. Either way, we expect you, sooner or later you will get your hands on Android 12 and when you do, there will be plenty to explore.

So we have compiled here a list of the most essential features update on Android 12 that you should look forward to.

Scrolling Screenshots

You can now upgrade your device to android 12 and find the long-awaited scrolling screenshot update in your phone, which Samsung users must be accustomed to already. 

You can access this feature by taking a regular screenshot and clicking the Capture More button. The OS will continue to scroll the page until the entire screen is covered.

The edit option has also included the Add text feature here.

Shortcut for Google Assistance

You can now open Google assistance by long-pressing the power button. For this feature, you will have to manually enable it from the settings.

Go to settings < systems < gestures

Where you will find this option.

Auto screen rotation

The updated OS can now automatically detect your face in relation to the screen and know when to auto-rotate the screen.

So now, you can easily view your favourite videos while laying with no trouble setting the screen to portrait manually.

However, this feature is optional for those who don’t like the idea of their cameras constantly gazing at them.

Privacy Dashboard 

Another new feature you will find in Android 12 on your device is the Privacy Dashboard. This change aims to give you better access to those apps with important permission. This includes your location, mic and camera as well. 

You are also enabled to only allow the apps to do an approximate location detection rather than your precise location. Thereby, giving you more control over how much your phone holds private information about you.

One-handed mode

It is not a feature unheard of before Android 12 made its appearance. However, it will become more widely accessed after the new OS has been updated.

In this feature, your phone screen will minimize towards either bottom corner depending on your alpha hand. It will give you easy operation with one hand while the rest of the part will remain black.

Apart from these major changes, Google made a lot of under the hood changes for android 12 on your device.

Some of these changes include improved pressable buttons, better personalisation and smoother transitions. Which again you will find pretty far fetched when it comes to a basic OS update. 

Better Widget API

Google implemented a new and improved widgets API to encourage developers to create more personalized and better-looking widgets. 

This is where the Material You will come into play. It’s based on the new themes available for your phone. That can be customized following your preference.

An example of this is the widget clock on your home screen. Which will change colours to match the part of the wallpaper behind it. You can also change your menu and other elements on your home screen to follow the colour scheme of your theme.

Better Notification API

Additionally, many new changes were made regarding the Notification API. 

By modifying the apps to open faster when being clicked directly from the notification panel.

Since Google wanted to remove any sort of lagging. They initiated by putting forth many API improvements to solve this issue.

Picture in Picture mode

Picture in Picture mode received improvement for smoother transition along with better controls depending on the content, in Android 12 on your device.

Hibernation mode

Google has finally added the hibernation mode in Android 12. Which has been seen in Samsung’s One UI for years. 

In this update, your phone will automatically detect apps that are unused for months, strip them of all their permissions and put them to sleep.

Hence, it will help in optimizing your phone storage and prevent the battery from unnecessary draining.

From new privacy settings to the widget dashboard, the options are endless. Android has compiled all the new features together to complete their “Material You” launch this year.

Which includes multiple changes that are both to the physical design and the functionality of your phone’s operating system. 

All in all, Android 12 has become a more secure and accessible version of the previous Android OS. Hence, it is safe to say that after becoming the most anticipated software update in history Android 12 has greatly exceeded our expectations.

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