6 Google tips for making video calls at home with Hangouts Meet

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Google makes Hangouts Meet and its premium features available to G Suite customers for free. In addition, they give tips for making video calls from home.

Millions of people are forced to work from home these weeks. When working, or simply to be in contact with your friends and family, video calls are presented as a good solution to consider, for which there are applications that make this possible . Google now provides free access to advanced Hangouts Meet features for G Suite customers worldwide until July 1, 2020.

In addition, Google now publishes a list of tips to keep in mind when making video calls from home using Hangouts Meet . These are tips that can work especially for professionals, but that will help us make better video calls now that we have to be at home and work from home.

Choose the right environment

When making a video call, it is necessary to take into account the background behind . A smooth wall and there are no windows through which a lot of light can enter. If a laptop is used instead of the phone, it is best to place it on a firm surface that will not move. Since for the other person it can be annoying if said laptop is moving constantly.

Invite whoever you want whenever you want

Video calls, especially those in professional settings, are usually scheduled in advance . Although this is not always the case. There are times when you can organize quickly, because it is the fastest way to manage an issue or to clarify doubts that may arise in a project. Hangouts Meet is capable of automatically creating internal calling codes so that users can use the phone from anywhere. In addition, everyone can invite them through a Google Calendar event, by email or by phone.

Use subtitles

If there is a lot of noise at home , which makes it impossible for you to focus on the call, you may not be able to understand well what the other person is saying. Luckily, Google has a very helpful function in Hangouts Meet, since it has subtitles. This will allow you to follow this conversation at all times, regardless of the noise there is.

Use only one share window

One situation that many have gone through when making a presentation or in a call, is to share the screen and end up seeing more things than desired or should be. To prevent this from happening, Google recommends using the option to present a single window instead of the full screen.

Change the screen layout

One feature available in Hangouts Meet is being able to change the layout of video calls . If someone is showing a slide show, but there are people debating or talking, you can change the layout so that you see the people in the office instead of the presentation, which is done by following these steps.

Show your real life

One way to make video calls more enjoyable, especially at times like these, is to show someone’s real life . Eat while calling, or have a drink, or let the children say hello to the camera. It can be something that allows you to have better relationships with coworkers, relax the environment and a better understanding between everyone.

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